CFB Playoff Prediction.

I have tried to predict these every year since the beginning of the playoff system. Some years have been decent for me, I think I have gotten 3 out 4 right once or twice. Last year though… Yikes! I did correctly predict Clemson and Alabama would return to the playoff once again. However I did not predict either would make it back to the Title game. See, this is an absolute crap shoot. Nobody knows whats going to happen outside of a couple cases (those cases are typically Clemson and Alabama). Because of this fact, I always pick one team to come out of nowhere, shock the CFB world and reach the playoff. Last year, that team was Penn State. I actually didn’t think that would be much of a surprise, but friends of mine laughed at me when I told them that Penn State would not only make the playoff, but win the Title. We were SO close to having the last laugh in this one. But it’s hard to have bragging rights when the team I predicted would lose to Penn State in the Title barely made a bowl game and had one of their worst seasons in my lifetime. That team was Florida State… So last year wasn’t great for me, but I’ve regrouped and I’m ready this year. So here it is, the 2019 College Football Playoffs will be….

1. Georgia vs 4. West Virginia

Yeah, I told you I like to pick one surprise team. WVU is that team for me this season. Will Grier will be a Heisman finalist, David Sills is probably the best WR in the country. There are some real questions on defense, but thats true for many teams on their schedule and I think they can win enough shootouts to go 12-1 and win the Big12 Championship. UGA is a much safer pick here. I think they will run the table, defeat Alabama in a de facto play-in game in the SEC Championship, and ride into the Playoff as the National Title Favorites.

2. Clemson vs 3. Penn State

Maybe I’m a sucker, but I still love this Penn State team. Trace McSorley will prove that they were more than just Saquan Barkley last year, I believe he will win the Heisman and lead Penn State to a 12-1 record after they defeat Wisconsin in what should be another de facto play-in game. Clemson seems to be a no brainer again this year. The ACC looks to be down a little bit, Miami will give them a tougher game in the ACC Title game than they did last year, but it won’t be enough. A 13-0 record will send them to their 4th trip to the playoff.

National Championship-

1. Georgia vs 3. Penn State

Georgia will need the break that comes between the conference championship and the playoff. Rested up and ready to go, they should not struggle with WVU in the semi-final. Call me stubborn, but I’ve got Penn State edging out Clemson in a classic, back and fourth shootout. So we will have an old-school matchup duking it out for the title, and I didn’t come this far to give up on Penn State here. Trace McSorley has drawn some Baker Mayfield comparisons this off-season, I think thats a fair comp, but Trace will do what Baker couldn’t and finish the job… I think! But honestly, I have no idea what will happen. Nobody does! That’s what makes College Football so special!


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