Texas is (not quite) back…

*deep breath*

Now to process what happened last Saturday.

My immediate thoughts that crossed my mind when communicating with my father and my best friend were filled with lots of anger and words that can’t be written on here. LOL

But with that being said, it has been roughly 72 hours for me to digest all that occurred.
Am I still upset? Very much so.
Should we have won that game? Without a doubt.
Did we have plenty of opportunities to win that game? Yes we did.

I’m not going to spend too much time venting on here because I could write my thoughts for days. I will however comment on some key things that should be cleaned up to achieve the goal/prediction I had for us this season. (I had Texas going 9-3, which now has shifted to 8-4)
So I’m sure people are going to call me crazy for predicting Texas going 9-3. But before last Saturday I honestly think that it was extremely possible. With most (outside of OU, which is neutral) if not all of our key games this year being at home, I thought we had a very solid chance to finish 9-3. Now obviously that still isn’t out of sight. But there’s plenty of things that need to change in order for that to happen.

First: I believe that play calling and personnel have to find a rhythm. The one drive that comes to mind is Maryland being up 24-7 and Texas responding after a Maryland TD by the best drive of the day. It had all the fluidity, pace and execution you would want in a drive. Personnel wise, I believe that Tre Watson and Keontay Ingram should both be touching the football out of the backfield at least 10-12 times a game. They are hands down the best two RB’s we have on our roster. Why not use them? Ingram didn’t have a carry, or even touch the field after that drive I spoke about. Which was with 6 min left in the 2ndquarter….This is UNACCEPTABLE. In a game that you need big plays to be made, you need your big time playmakers out there. I don’t care what age/grade/classification the kid is. The BEST talent and BEST players need to be on the field.

Second: Trust the Sam Ehlinger process. Obviously, the kid earned the job over the offseason and fall camp. If the coaching staff believe that he is our best option to win at QB then I trust them. They are the ones that get paid millions of dollars to make those decisions. There’s plenty more that goes on behind the scenes than just what we see on Saturdays.  Ehlinger is a proven winner. He has the ability to gather the troops around him and battle. I’m not saying Buechele doesn’t have those capabilities, but I personally love watching Ehlinger. If the play calling can find some consistency and fluidity, then I believe he is the right guy.

Third: The defense has to clean it up in order to get back into the high-quality defense we know and love. Too many mental mistakes. There were still some physical mistakes, but I saw more mental mistakes than physically outmatched. Whether that be blowing a coverage for a wide-open touchdown or a roughing the passer/pass interference penalty. I can say we won’t see another offense like Maryland’s the rest of the season. I believe our defense (personnel wise) is built more to stop a Big 12 offense (spread style). In due time we will hopefully see the athletes that we’ve been drooling over seeing. We saw glimpses of those guys on Saturday. Caden Sterns and Brandon Jones roaming the secondary at the safety position for years to come will be fun to watch. If Omenihu and Hager can exert their presence on the edge and let Gary Johnson and Anthony Wheeler fly around to the football, then this defense can be really good. It takes all 11 guys doing their respective jobs to be successful.

Lastly: This is for the fans. I know we all crave and want that 10+ wins and National Championship contender Texas Longhorns to be back. But here’s a news flash, it indeed does take time to get back there. We are still dealing with the ending of the Charlie Strong era recruits and just now beginning to see Tom Herman’s first full recruiting class. I am guilty of this to the extreme. I am sick and tired of seeing 6-6 or 7-6 at the end of every year. But I know that it will change. Changing a program’s culture and feel takes plenty of time. Let Tom Herman and the staff do their jobs and just sit back and please enjoy watching a program that was once at the top of the mountain fight their way back from the ashes.




“Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance” Plato



Hook ‘Em




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