What to make of Texas Tech’s 77-0 win

Not sense the days of Ruffin McNeal, Jamar Wall, Joe Garcia, and Darcell McBath has a Texas Tech defense allowed a goose egg on the scoreboard. That was way back in 2006 vs South Eastern Louisiana. Nobody thought much of that shut out because of the opponent, so we really should treat this shut out the same. This was against a BAD Lamar team (picked 10th out of 11 in the Southland Conference). But my hardcore fandom goes back to 2005, which means this is just the second time since I started closely following this team that I have seen them allow zero points… So gosh dangit I enjoyed it! I was just two years ago that La Tech scored 30+ against this defense, seasons before that we saw Central Arkansas and UTEP put a lot of points up as well. While Tech won all of those game, they were never as satisfying as they should have been. This game, while it was against a bad, overmatched football team, was satisfying.

Speaking of satisfying performances… 77 points ain’t bad! True Freshman Alan Bowman got the start as expected and he couldn’t have played much better. Once again, Bowman was not asked to do much. Kliff relied heavily on the run game, calling 7 run plays that ended up in the end zone. But the best thing you can say about Bowman right now is that he does not make mistakes. With a 42-0 halftime lead, the second half belonged to back up Jett Duffey and 3rd string walk on Colt Garrett. As I wrote last week, I really wanted to see what Duffey could do in game action. We got that chance and saw both the good and the bad that has been reported about Duffey. The good: his athleticism jumps out of the TV screen. He’s fast and he has a much stronger arm than any of the other QB’s on the roster. The bad: he threw one of the most unexplainable interceptions you will see at the power 5 level. I left that game with the conclusion that if Duffey can get past his turnover tendencies, he will be the starting QB for this team before the end of the season. The ball just has more energy coming out of his hands than the other two options (Bowman and injured week 1 starter McLane Carter). In addition, his ability to run the ball gives Kliff so many more options (especially in the red zone) for play calling. Personally, I would like to see Bowman remain the starter, but give Jett some red zone action and take advantage of his athleticism. Bowman has done nothing to lose the job at this point, but I question if Tech can be effective with the conservative game plan that is required with Bowman under center once they start playing Big12 teams (or even this week vs Houston). As improved as the defense is, you’re gonna have to have someone back there willing to make plays. Jett can be that guy in my opinion. But he has to prove that he can protect the ball first. We’ll see what happens, but I don’t think this QB discussion will be settled anytime soon.


UP NEXT: Tech Vs Houston @ Jones ATT Stadium. This is a monster game for Kliff Kingsbury and Texas Tech. A loss would likely seal Kliff’s fate at the end of the season as a path to 7 or 8 wins would be all but closed.

Prediction: Tech’s defense carries them through a tough offensive game. Both QB’s play and Tech wins 24-17.


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