College Football Pick ‘Em- Week 3

Week 2 results-

Josh: 10-5

Ozzie: 10-5

Overall Record-

Josh: 10-5

Ozzie: 10-5

–Week 3–

OU Vs Iowa St-

Ozzie- Oklahoma

Closer than people expect but OU offense is too much for ISU.

Josh- Oklahoma

Iowa State is super overrated this year. OU wins big.

LSU Vs Auburn-

Ozzie- Auburn

I think Auburn’s offense is a tad better than LSU’s offense. Auburn by a TD.

Josh- Auburn

Close game, but LSU doesn’t have the offense to win these games yet.

Boise State Vs Oklahoma State-

Ozzie- Oklahoma State

Mike Gundy loves his postgame “smoothies” Drinks another one after a victory.

Josh- Oklahoma State

I want to pick Boise here, just can’t take the leap. OSU by a FG.

Alabama Vs Ole Miss-

Ozzie- Alabama

Closer than people will think but Tua and offense just too much.

Josh- Alabama

Ole Miss stays close for 2 quarters, Bama pulls away in the 3rd.

Missouri Vs Purdue-

Ozzie- Missouri

Tigers offense better than Purdue’s defense.

Josh- Perdue

This feels like a game Missouri loses every year.

Washington Vs Utah-

Ozzie- Washington

Huskies start route to Pac-12 Championship

Josh- Washington

Browning and Gaskin just too much for the Utes.

Duke Vs Baylor-

Ozzie- Duke

Duke surprises most people and beats Baylor.

Josh- Duke

Still waiting for Baylor to impress me under Matt Rhule, this one gets ugly.

UNT Vs Arkansas-

Ozzie- Arkansas

I think UNT makes game close. But Arkansas just has a few more athletes to pull this off.

Josh- UNT

My adopted mid major of 2018 pulls off the “upset.” Mason Fine introduces himself to the CFB world as one of the best QBs nobody has heard of.

Houston Vs Texas Tech-

Ozzie- Houston

I don’t think Kliff and Co. can pull off this victory.

Josh- Texas Tech

Every year I hear how Houston should beat Tech… Once again, not going to happen. Close game, but Tech by a TD.


Ozzie- Texas A&M

Aggies beat some school from Louisiana.

Josh- Aggies by a lot.

Ohio State Vs TCU-

Ozzie- Ohio State

Ohio State firepower on offense just a tad much for TCU.

Josh- Ohio State

I want this to be a close game, but I don’t see it. OSU by 20.

USC Vs Texas-

Ozzie Texas

Herman and Co. make a statement and get a big win.

Josh- USC

UT looked better last week, but still only won by 7. Low scoring game, the Trojans win a close one.

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