Looking Back on Week 2: Texas A&M, TCU.

We’re through the first two weeks of college football season, before we dive into some huge week 3 match ups later this week, lets take a look back on week 2 for some of the Lone Star teams.

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Texas A&M:

How about that game, huh!? Color me impressed with the Aggies for the first time since Johnny Football’s Freshman year. I was skeptical in Jimbo Fisher’s ability to change the toxic culture left behind my Kevin Sumlin this quickly, but it seems like he has done just that. After falling behind by a couple scores, Kellond Mond and company refused to give up and they were SO close to forcing overtime against one of the two most talented teams in America.

Of course this game had some controversy attached to it… So lets address that.

The whole “fumble in the end zone is a touchback” rule absolutely sucks! I don’t have an alternative for that occasion, but there has to be a better option than what they currently enforce. Having said that, I DO believe the officials made the correct call. The best camera angle came from the goal line cam, where it looked like the ball leaned slightly to the left of the pie line, meaning the ball did go into the end zone before going out of bounds. Having said that, even if it was the wrong call, it didn’t even matter. The Aggie defense stepped up and got the ball back. The Kellon Mond hits his receiver in the end zone and gives his team a chance to tie. Here’s where more controversy came up… Jimbo is a fantastic coach, but could he have made a worse call than what he went with on that 2 point conversion attempt!? Rolling Mond out to right and packing 22 players all on one side of the field gave the young QB no lanes to run or throw. I thought that was a huge mistake by Jimbo.

Nonetheless, I expected a blowout. So A&M should feel great about themselves right now. It looks like they could be in for a really good season.

UP NEXT: UL Monroe @ Kyle Field



The Horned frogs once again had a cupcake opponent in week 2, and they did exactly what they should have by blowing out SMU. Honestly, there wasn’t much to take from this game, we still aren’t completely sure how good this TCU team is. So far they have taken care of business against week opponents. This week is where we really find out if this team is legit or not. Facing off against Dwayne Haskins, JK Dobbins, and Nick Bosa’s Ohio State Buckeyes will be a huge challenge for this TCU squad. As always, expect Paterson to have the defense prepared. But this Ohio State team still could put up big numbers. The question will be whether or not Sonny Cumbie can get his offense prepared to block Nick Bosa and protect QB Shawn Robinson. So far in 2018, this team has been impressive, but subtle. This week, they’ll need to be loud.

UP NEXT: Ohio State @ AT&T Stadium in Arlington

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