College Football Pick ‘Em – Week 6

Week 5 Results-

Josh: 12-4

Ozzie: 12-4

Overall Record-

Josh: 39-16

Ozzie: 38-17

-Week 6-

Its been neck and neck all year between our two bloggers. A weak slate of games might cause for some separation…

Maryland @ Michigan-

Ozzie- Michigan

Michigan rarely loses at The Big House.

Josh- Michigan

Boring Big10 game, Michigan by 10.

Northwestern @ Michigan State-

Ozzie- Michigan State

Sparty comes through for me this week.

Josh- Northwestern

NW is always scrappy.

Missouri @ South Carolina-

Ozzie- Missouri

Think Drew Lock has a huge game.

Josh- Missouri

Im done picking SC…

LSU @ Florida-

Ozzie- Florida

The Swamp is going to be rocking. Florida gets another huge victory.

Josh- LSU

LSU will 100% lose a few games this year, just not to UF.

FSU @ Miami-

Ozzie- Miami

I mean it’s all about The U.

Josh- Miami

Could get ugly.

Iowa State @ Oklahoma State-

Ozzie- Oklahoma State

Cowboys offense has a great day.

Josh- Oklahoma State

Cyclones come out flat after a tough loss last week.

Arizona State @ Colorado-

Ozzie- Colorado

The Buffs defend home-field and get a big win.

Josh- Colorado

I just don’t trust ASU.

Auburn @ Mississippi State-

Ozzie- Auburn

Stidham settles in and has a big day.

Josh- Auburn

Might be close, but Auburn is too much in the end.

Notre Dame @ Virginia Tech-

Ozzie- Notre Dame

I mean Notre Dame is cooking. Although they’re no Old Dominion…

Josh- Virginia Tech

In Blacksburg… If ND wins they’re basically in the Playoff… Lets go Hokies!

Kansas State @ Baylor-

Ozzie- Baylor

Kansas State offense isn’t very good.

Josh- Kansas State

Loser leaves town game (for Bowl eligibility). I don’t know, KSU is due.

Kentucky @ Texas A&M-

Ozzie- Kentucky

I think Kentucky continues to surprise people. Gets big road win in CStat.

Josh- Texas A&M

You had your fun Kentucky, this is where it ends.

Oklahoma Vs Texas-

Ozzie- Texas


Josh- Oklahoma

In the name of Jordan Shipley punt returns I hope I’m wrong. On a Texas Tech bye week, I’ll be locked in and rooting on the Horns!

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