Texas Tuesday

Ladies and gentleman, Texas is BACKKKKKK…

At home this weekend against the Baylor Bears! Lol I can never pass up an opportunity to use that line! Like I’ve stated in my previous blogs, Texas WILL NOT be officially BACK until we are the Big 12 Champions!!

But there was a HUGE step taken in the right direction last weekend by beating that team north of the Red River. Being able to claim a spot back in the Top 10 of the AP Poll is something that is a huge step in beginning to turn the page of mediocrity that we’ve seen in the past.

The steps that this team has taken since that very rough loss to Maryland to open the season have been very crucial. Being able to grind out wins against some quality teams the past 4 weeks has been a huge noticeable in many people’s eyes. The simple fact is that in the years past I believe that this Texas team wouldn’t be sitting at 5-1 and #9 in the country, we’d be 3-3 due to the lack of finishing ability. But folks, I don’t want to jinx us quite yet, I believe that the dynamic and mentality of this team has done a complete 180-degree shift.

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3 keys to UT’s victory over OU:

  1. Offense: The offense is growing and getting better week by week. We’re finally in a system that accommodates our weapons and QB that is perfectly fit for this system I believe. We’ve lacked that QB to fit a specific system in recent years and having a “Dude” at QB is something we haven’t since Longhorn Legend Colt McCoy was at the helm. Sam Ehlinger has arguably the best performance of Week 6 from any QB in the country and I firmly believe cemented himself into a Longhorn Legend already. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still plenty for this young man to accomplish before he leaves The 40 Acres. But to be able to dominate offensively against Oklahoma simply cements him into Legend status. It doesn’t hurt him to have weapons such as LJH and Collin Johnson out there running routes and creating space. Those two guys are arguably one of the best duos at the WR position in America. The ability to have speed, length and hands that they have easily put them in that discussion. And folks, Keontay Ingram is here to stay. He’s slowly but surely creating distance in that RB position, his ability to see the holes and not second guess his ability to hit them with force is one of the main reasons why he’s been so successful to this point. He’s played one less game and has around 30 less carries than Tre Watson, but only trails in yards by 6. (Tre-305, Keontay-296 : Tre-3.9ypc, Keontay-6.2ypc) Don’t get me wrong, Tre Watson is very capable of being a lead back but in my personal opinion, I think he would benefit us more coming in behind Keontay and being sort of a Lighting to a Thunder approach. But as long as Sam continues to take care of the football and avoid turnovers, this team/offense will continue to be successful and accomplish the job.
  1. We needed to dominate the LOS in this game and in retrospect we kind of did. The numbers don’t really show how impressive the defense was in this game. Outside of a handful of long runs by Kyler Murray we held their run game. With an offense as dynamic and explosive as Oklahoma it’s hard to shut them down for so long, it was evident in that 4th quarter when their big play guys starting to make those big plays. But for the first 3 quarters, we were in charge of that game. Big game performances by the secondary led by Brandon Jones, BJ Foster and Caden Sterns. We were able to hold their big play ability down for 45 minutes of that game. A big sack by BJ Foster on an extremely athletic play was crucial to keeping momentum in a then close game. Breckyn Hager was able to come up with a huge fumble recovery that at that point was able to kind of switch field position and lead to a TD by Texas and stretched the lead to 14 points. This defense is able to bend and not break, that’s a trait that it’s lacked and something that since last year Todd Orlando has instilled in them to be successful. I think this defense can be able to lead the way for this team and give us a chance in every game we play in.
  1. Special Teams. DICKER THE KICKER. This kid, and I say kid because he’s still a kid, is going to be special for this team. LOL get it.
    His ability to stay calm in essentially a career making moment is something that was very calming for me as a fan. Seeing him smile and wink in such a stressful moment was something that I’ll always remember. His ability to hit 2 field goals from 40+ yards is something very important to see, especially one being a 40 yard winner.
    Outside of his field goals, there isn’t much else to discuss as far as special teams. 6 of his 9 kickoffs were touchbacks and no really big plays from anybody else on either side. Brandon Jones lead punt returners with 1 return for 19 yards. No Texas player was able to return any kickoffs as Austin Seibert was able to have all 8 of his kickoffs be touchbacks.

Texas Longhorns (5-1, 3-0) vs Baylor Bears (4-2, 2-1) at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin, Texas at 2:30PM CST.


Texas Longhorns – 34

Baylor Bears – 20

Charlie Brewer is probably the most under the radar QB in the Big 12. The kid knows nothing but how to win, ever since HS. But I believe they aren’t quite ready for an opponent like Texas. Matt Rhule is in way over his head on trying to build the program back at Baylor.
Texas is just too much on Saturday and Ehlinger and Co. pull away late in the 3rd quarter after wearing down the Bears defense. The defense comes up with another two turnovers and Texas is able to capitalize and score some points off those to seal the victory.
Bold prediction : Keontay Ingram hits 100 yards for the first time this year and makes his presence felt all game long.



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