Texas Tuesday


Man, I didn’t breathe at all on Saturday watching that game. From the moment Sam went down until the final pass out of the end-zone, I was a nervous wreck. This was another one of those games that in the last few years we would’ve found a way to lose this game or somehow end up in overtime. This team has that feeling that they can do no wrong (except the Maryland game, I said it before somebody else could).

But that team from Week 1 is a completely different mindset than the current team that’s been out there. This team can slow everything down and never let anything get out of control, there were multiple instances on Saturday that they could’ve let it slip away. But they didn’t. This was one of those ugly games that no matter what, the only thing that matters is that Texas pulled out a victory.

The typical coaches mantra, “An ugly win is still a win” or “Survive and advance” apply all too well to this scenario. It’s always nice to go into a bye week with a victory in preparation for another tough stretch of games in the next 3 weeks.


3 keys to Texas’ victory

  1. Offense
    I was correct in my prediction that Keontay Ingram will finally break 100 yards (https://texasforeversports.com/2018/10/09/texas-tuesday-5/)
    The kid has really blossomed into a very valuable threat in our running game and will continue to make his presence felt in the last few weeks of the season. Also for him to be able to rest that knee and continue to make progress in getting back to 100% is something that he and the team can use right now.
    Usually bye weeks comes at the worst possible times, but this year it came at the perfect time and will definitely give the fan base and team a bit of calming presence with everything that happened on Saturday.
    No shock here but Collin Johnson (11) and Lil’Jordan Humphrey (7) combined for 18 of the 24 catches caught in the game. Another 100 yard game for Collin Johnson along with a huge TD to kind of let the Longhorn Faithful breathe after Sam left the game.
    Now to talk about Sam and Shane. I will still continue to stand by the statements I’ve been saying all year. SAM IS OUR GUY.
    If it wasn’t evident enough on Saturday, then you need to call your local Optometrist and go get your annual eye exam. Shane wasn’t as accurate as people claimed he was. I don’t want to hear this nonsense of him not getting reps and being rusty. As the primary backup, you’re always one snap away from being thrown into the gauntlet. He has gotten his reps at practice and I’m sure was itching to get some action. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not just bashing the kid. Being able to come into a game like that, where we should’ve blown those guys out, I’m sure is much more difficult than it looks. Being an ex-collegiate athlete, I know the struggles on being thrown into the fire when you least expect it. At the end of the day, HE GOT THE JOB DONE. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t even the tad bit cute, but by golly he got the W and we’re “1-0” last week.

But with the being said, I do not believe the rest of the way if Sam Ehlinger can’t come back at full health we will be able to accomplish the goals that are right in front of us. Ehlinger brings that “It-Factor” to every game and has a completely different dynamic than Buechele.
So Sammy, get that shoulder right and we’ll see you in Stillwater on the 27th slinging that pigskin.


  1. Defense
    Ladies and gentlemen, Gary Johnson is a man amongst boys. The ability for him to cover sideline to sideline and completely ruin teams hopes of establishing a run game is so crucial for the success of this defense. His 11 tackles on Saturday, led the team and were all very important to limiting Baylor to under 100 yards rushing. Charles Omenihu once again coming away with 2 sacks in a game that we needed to get pressure on Charlie Brewer is very important to giving our secondary a chance to be successful.
    HOT TAKE ALERT : Caden Sterns will win the Jim Thorpe Award before he leaves The 40 Acres.
    The kid is absolutely unreal in the secondary. “The Wolf of DKR” continues to be a menace and changes the dynamic of the secondary. This young DB group will be able to “Bring Back DBU” and being able to watch these guys (Cook, Foster, Sterns, Green, Overshown, etc) for the next 3-4 years will be fun. This unit has been able to keep us in games and allow the opposing teams defense to never get rested with the ability to stop teams in multiple different ways.
    This team could all use a much needed Bye Week and I’m sure Todd Orlando and the gang will be ready for the next few games against Oklahoma State and West Virginia.
  2. Special Teams.
    Enter Ryan Bujcevski. A much needed quality game in the punting area and it couldn’t have come at a better time. 3 punts of 50+ yards along with 3 punts Inside the 20 yard line. Hats off to you Mr.Bujcevski, keep it up.
    Dicker the Kicker. All 5 of his kickoffs were down for touchbacks and this is important due to Baylor not being able to establish momentum in the return game and simply having to start off at the 25 yard line every possession. Dicker was also able to go 3-5 from FG Range. The 2 misses could’ve haunted us fans for the rest of the year. Luckily, they didn’t and we were able to survive the effort of the Bears to spoil our plans.
    Not much from anybody in the return game as 3 kickoffs were touchbacks and one went out of bounds. Specials teams will continue to be a vital part of our success the rest of the way as we try to keep that Big 12 record clean of losses.



#7 Texas Longhorns (6-1, 3-0) : BYE WEEK

Stay tuned to next week’s Texas Tuesday blog as I start to dig deeper into the stats and try to provide some insight on the recruitment process heating up on some KEY Texas targets

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