College Football Pick ‘Em – Week 8

Week 7 Results-

Josh: 5-6

Ozzie: 5-6

Overall Record-

Josh: 49-29

Ozzie: 50-28

-Week 8-

Another tough week last week. With a lot of bye weeks around the state of Texas and the Big12, we have an interesting slate of games to choose from. We’ll be looking to get back on the right side of .500 this week.

Stanford @ Arizona State-

Ozzie- Stanford

I believe Stanford can control LOS enough to pull out a victory against the Sun Devils.

Josh- Stanford

ASU is so inconsistent, and Stanford is still trying t come back from some disappointing losses.

Michigan @ Michigan State-

Ozzie- Michigan

Are Harbaugh and the gang starting to piece it together? I think they pull out this win on the road.

Josh- Michigan

Don’t look now, but Michigan may be on their way to a playoff appearance this year.

Auburn @ Ole Miss- 

Ozzie- Ole Miss

I believe this is going to be an old-fashioned shootout. Ole Miss offense is explosive, and their defense isn’t very capable of slowing down anybody. Ole Miss wins on last few possessions.

Josh- Auburn

Must-win for the Tigers. I think Stidham and the offense gets it going against a below average Ole Miss D.

NC State @ Clemson-

Ozzie- Clemson

Clemson’s biggest test before they cruise into the ACC Championship game. Tigers win by a few scores.

Josh- Clemson

Anyone who thinks NC State has a chance here hasn’t seen their Schedule. Clemson will run the score up here.

Colorado @ Washington-

Ozzie- Colorado

The Buffs are going to shock the world in this game. They come out and beat the Huskies on their home turf and take full control of Pac 12 South again because USC will lose to Utah. (HOT TAKE ALERT)

Josh- Washington

Colorado is the top fraud team of 2018. Huskies win big at home.

Mississippi State @ LSU-

Ozzie- LSU

I can’t fully buy into the “upset” here. Miss St is too unpredictable to really have to believe they can pull it off. LSU wins.

Josh- LSU

Im torn here… I still don’t really trust LSU, but I can’t predict a loss here. Gritty game, LSU wins ugly.

Oregon @ Washington State-

Ozzie- Oregon

I know College Gameday is making their way to Pullman for the first time but I don’t think that’s enough for Wash St to pull this off. Herbert and the Ducks start to make their presence felt nationally.

Josh- Oregon

Could maybe see Wazzu keeping it close, but Oregon is the better team.

Maryland @ Iowa-

Ozzie- Iowa

The Hawkeyes rarely lose at home and I don’t think they lose this week. They will be able to dominate the LOS and pull away.

Josh- Iowa

Safe to say we’re only picking this game because 60% of the Big12 is on a bye week. I’ll take the Hawkeyes because chalk…

Oklahoma @ TCU-

Ozzie- Oklahoma

The Sooners continue to expose TCU. The OU offense and lack of TCU offense will make this a lopsided match-up.

Josh- Oklahoma

TCU will struggle all season if they don’t fix their QB issues… I’ve heard that’s kind of an important position in the Big12.

Kansas @ Texas Tech-

Ozzie- Texas Tech

I mean who loses to Kansas? (LOL I can joke about it now) But I think Tech offense explodes and continues to make statements in the Big 12.

Josh- Texas Tech

Still unsure about who will be playing QB for Tech. If Bowman is back, Tech put up 60. If not, Duffey will go again and the score may be a bit lower, but Tech wins comfortably regardless.

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