Texas Tuesday

Okay, now that I’ve had about a little more than 50+ hours or so to kind of settle down and analyze this game in Stillwater. Here are some quick thoughts on what I witnessed on Saturday.

  1. Offense

Sam Ehlinger is continuing to provide that consistency and tenacity that this team needs. Although to me for a little it kind of seemed like the playbook was shrunken a little bit to protect his shoulder. Majority of his rushing yards came from scrambling or blown plays that he had to tuck and run. If you say that he’s your starter and playing, then I personally believe that nothing can change in your philosophy that has gotten you to where you were at. The one thing that really bothered me the most this weekend was the limited touches (14 total, 11 rushes, 3 catches) for Keontay Ingram. I know that getting down early in the game and having to play catch up is a big factor as to why his rushing totals were down, but I still believe once we get within striking distance we must be able to control the tempo of the game and give the proper people their touches. The biggest factor to us being successful the past 6 weeks was being able to control the LOS and TOP battles. On Saturday, we failed both. It seemed as if on many occasions that OSU’s offense/defense line were manhandling us up front. We lost the TOP battles by over 8 minutes and this is incredible thinking about how fast paced and tempo-based OSU offense is. This simply can’t happen the rest of the way if we want to get back to the style of football we played for a month and a half.

  1. Defense
    This is the portion of the blog where I could really unload and let me feelings out about this past weekend. But instead, I’m going to try to not be so harsh and simply say…IT WAS BAD. Now I know that we can’t expect to go out there and try to shut people out every game, especially in the Big 12, that’s not possible. But I do expect us to show more of a fight and determination in a game that had the impact that it did. I do not put the entirety of the blame on any specific person or personnel group, that does me no good lol. I can say that as a complete defensive unit, it was extremely underwhelming. Losing Boyd and Davis for the 1Q isn’t something that helps our situation, we have to try our best to employ the “Next Man Up” mantra but it’s obvious that it wasn’t successful this past weekend. Being late for any team function is just unacceptable and setting the precedent that it’s unacceptable is something I’m completely okay with. You can’t build the culture you want if you imply that it’s okay to be late and simply give them a slap on the wrist and let them go out on Saturday’s with complete disregard to their actions. But nonetheless, we can still continue to impact this Big 12 race and control our own destiny. Don’t lose sight of the tasks at hand.
  2. Special Teams
    Somewhat of a quiet day for Cameron Dicker outside of the 1st kickoff of the game when he got the late hit out of bounds penalty and gave OSU great field position to start the game off. Not much happened on this end of the game outside of a few punts downed inside the 20 yard line, which didn’t make much difference in swinging field position as it was able to be turned right back around with long drives by both teams. Next week will be crucial to limit mistakes and capitalize on any advantage we have. Hoping Dicker and the Special Teams Unit can provide a spark against WVU.




Saturday November 3rd @ 2:30pm CST on FOX


#12 West Virginia Mountaineers (6-1, 4-1) @ #15 Texas Longhorns (6-2, 4-1)


Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin, Texas



This is going to be one of the most important games in recent UT history. With as much negative energy that has been thrown around after the loss last weekend, we STILL control our OWN destiny. Simply win out and we are in the Big 12 Championship game. Now that’s a lot easier said than done, especially with the way our schedule is setup these next few weeks. We have to take it one game at a time, worry about WVU right now and we’ll move on to the next opponent after that. This is going to a fun game to watch.
Can the UT defense bounce back?
Will the let Sam loose and be comfortable with him taking hits?
Can Ingram have a big impact?
If ALL of these things are able to work itself out then I don’t see a world where us being WVU is impossible, now we have to play a great game and not come out flat. But I believe that DKR will be rocking and this game will be a dandy.


Texas Longhorns – 38                                                          Texas Longhorns- 34


West Virginia Mountaineers – 34                                         West Virginia Mountaineers-41



I will be in attendance on Saturday in Austin and can’t wait to see this gameday atmosphere for myself. I hope I can bring the good luck to the Longhorns.


Hook ‘Em



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