College Football Pick ‘Em – Week 10

Week 9 Results-

Josh: 7-7

Ozzie: 9-5

Overall Record-

Josh: 65-37

Ozzie: 66-36

-Week 10-

We’re nearing the home stretch of the season. There are some absolute massive games this week in the state of Texas… Both Tech and UT have crucial games that could go a long way in defining the 2018 season. On the national stage, we have a couple of games that will help decide the playoffs. Lets get into it!


Georgia @ Kentucky-

Ozzie- Georgia

I believe Fromm and company make a statement that they are still a force to be reckoned with.

Josh- Georgia

Kentucky will play their hearts out, keep it very close through 2.5 quarters. UGA is significantly more talented, they win by 14-17.


Iowa @ Purdue-

Ozzie- Iowa

Huge game for both teams. I believe that Iowa narrowly escapes with a W.

Josh- Perdue

This one’s decided by where the game is played. If it were in Iowa, I’d pick the Hawkeyes. I think Perdue rebounds with a close victory.


Penn State @ Michigan-

Ozzie- Michigan

Don’t count out Penn State but I believe that the Maize and Blue find a way to win this HUGE game at home.

Josh- Michigan

This feels gross… The Nittany Lions have been my adopted team for the last two years. I thought they were capable of winning the whole thing. But after a couple of losses, and a couple of ugly wins, I cant pick them to get this one at The Big House.


Missouri @ Florida-

Ozzie- Florida

Mizzou’s offense has been way too inconsistent for me to choose them on the road. Florida wins a good game.

Josh- Florida

As much as I don’t really believe in Florida this year, they should get a relatively easy W in The Swamp on Saturday.


Notre Dame @ Northwestern-

Ozzie- Notre Dame

This is the Golden Domers toughest game the rest of the way, but I don’t think Northwestern has enough to pull off the upset.

Josh- Notre Dame

I’d have to double check, but I don’t think I have predicted many games involving NW correctly… So I’m probably wrong here, but Notre Dame knows that they’re in the playoffs as longs they take care of business. They won’t slip up here.


Alabama @ LSU-

Ozzie- Alabama

I don’t think that LSU offense can keep up with Alabama’s. But the way the Bayou Bengals have played this year, you never know. But Bama by 10+.

Josh- Alabama

The 2015 version of Josh would pick LSU here purely out of Bama fatigue… While the fatigue is still there, 2018 Josh knows better.


Stanford @ Washington-

Ozzie- Washington

I believe that Jake Browning and company put together their most complete game and get a big victory within the Pac-12.

Josh- Stanford

The only thing that I know for sure about the Pac12 is that I have no idea what is going to happen on any given week. I’ll go with Stanford here, but neither outcome would surprise me.


Cal @ Washington State-

Ozzie- Washington State

WAZU has been balling as of late and I don’t believe it stops this week. Mike Leach and the gang will continue to roll for a few more weeks.

Josh- Washington State

Leach’s crew will probably slip up at some point here, but don’t expect to come against Cal. WAZU continues to rise in the polls, giving every middle-of-the-pack Power 5 school hope that they can one day push for a playoff spot.


Texas A&M @ Auburn-

Ozzie- Auburn

I believe Stidham has something to prove against the Aggies. I think he has a career day and plays up to his full potential.

Josh- Auburn

This one stays close throughout. Stidham runs in the game winner in OT.


Oklahoma State @ Baylor-

Ozzie- Oklahoma State

I mean there’s no way they can beat Texas and then lose to Baylor…right…?

Josh- Oklahoma State

Baylor sucks…


West Virginia @ Texas-

Ozzie- Texas

Texas had Will Grier confused last year. I believe a sold-out crowd in Austin will once again be a huge part of this tough and hard-fought win for the Horns. Can Orlando have the defense ready for this high powered offense? Let’s hope so.

Josh- West Virginia

I thought West Virginia was the best team in the Big12 before the season started… After Iowa State woke them up, I think they have a chip on their shoulders. Close game, but WVU pulls this one out.

Oklahoma @ Texas Tech-

Ozzie- Oklahoma

I believe this game will be closer than people think simply because of OU’s shaky defense. But I think Kyler Murray is too much towards the end of this game for Tech.

Josh- Texas Tech

Is their a bit of homer-ism in this pick? Sure! But The Jones is going to be as wild as its been in years this Saturday night. OU’s defense is suspect, and I think Tech can make just enough plays to pull of a season saving upset.


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