Texas Tuesday

Alright. Alright. Alright…..

Outside of the simple fact that the outcome was a loss, that was one of the greatest games I’ve ever been able to witness in person. The atmosphere of DKR was electric, starting from miles away at all of the tailgates there was never a doubt that this was a big game. 100,000+ showed up in their Burnt Orange and were loud up until the final 15 seconds of the game.

Now to breakdown what happened on Saturday…

Offense. Tre Watson had an amazing game on the offensive side of the football, and I feel like I say this every single week, but Lil’Jordan Humphrey is a man amongst boys. Along with that, Sam Ehlinger’s offensive statistics are being so overshadowed by these last few weeks of abysmal defense. He’s legitimately putting up statistics that we haven’t seen at the QB position at UT since some guys named Vince Young and Colt McCoy (you may have heard of those guys). There were a few crucial plays that sort of dictated how the day ultimately ended up for Texas. The biggest one that comes to mind is the crucial 4th down play that the refs took an ETERNITY reviewing (only about 3min and change but felt like forever inside that stadium) and the 4th and 1 call previously in the 4th quarter that Herman decided to take the 3 points instead. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for taking the points in that situation because it put us up by a touchdown. But hindsight is always 20/20 and I like playing devil’s advocate, so if Texas goes for that 4th down and converts it and ultimately leads to a touchdown and the dagger. Are we now celebrating a huge win and sitting back in the driver’s seat? Oh well. There’s still somehow a way that Texas can fight its way into the Big 12 Championship.

Defense. No Hager. No Davis. No Jones. Oh and no pass rush. The injury bug has avoided us all year on The 40 Acres but it seemed to have all hit in the last few weeks. The most crucial stretch of our season and the injury bug decides to make his presence felt. The ultimate factor that has led to us not being successful in these past few weeks has been lack of pass rush and lack of stopping the run game. WVU averaged 7.0 yards per rush, with giving up numbers like that there is no possible outcome that we would enjoy. Going into the game we all know that Grier and Sills were going to get their yards and big plays but we HAD to stop the run in order to make them 1-Dimensional, and we didn’t accomplish that at all. The other factor in that is that there has been zero pass rush/penetration in the last few weeks. I’m not sure what’s been factoring into this, you have to give the OL credit from both of those teams but there’s no way we should only have 2 QB hits in an entire game. The last bit of defensive stuff I will hit on is more of an opinion on my end, I personally believe that Anthony Cook needs to start at the opposite corner to Kris Boyd the rest of the year. The kid is growing week by week and I personally believe he brings the same to the table as Davante Davis, so lets the youngster loose and let’s win these next 3 games and see what funky stuff happens down the stretch.

Special Teams. Once again D’Shawn Jamison almost sprung loose on a punt return that gave Texas great field position and allowed us to cash in quickly on an offensive possession. Lil’Jordan Humphrey was very solid in the kickoff return game that gave us decent field position all game when there was a chance to return them. Cameron Dicker was once again 2/2 on FGA and as great as ever in the kickoff game with 7 of his 8 going for touchbacks. Ryan Bujcevski was only on the field for 1 punt and was able to down it inside the 20 yard line. Overall nothing to complain about on this side of the football this week, let’s try to keep it rolling next weekend in Lubbock.


Saturday November 10th @ 6:30 CST on FOX

#15 Texas Longhorns (6-3, 4-2) @ Texas Tech Red Raiders (5-4, 3-3)

Jones AT&T Stadium in Lubbock, Texas



This matchup is so important for both teams. Looks like Josh and I will not be on speaking terms this week. LOL
I remember when we both coaches at WCS and we sat separate from each other on the bus to this game because we both had it pulled up on our phones before kickoff of our game we had to coach. Lol

It’s time for one of these teams to stop the derailment that they’re both going through currently and regroup with a big win. I believe that this game ultimately factors in on a few questions.
Will Alan Bowman be playing QB for Tech?
Will Tech defense be able to stop the run game and dual threat ability of Sam and company?
Will the Longhorns be able to generate a pass rush?
Can the Longhorns defend the long and lanky WR’s from Tech?

Don’t get me wrong, this game is going to be all sorts of fun to watch simply due to the fact that there is a huge possibility of bunches and bunches of points being scored. Is this another who has the ball last type of game? For the sake of my sanity and blood pressure, I really hope not.

Texas Longhorns – 41

Texas Tech Red Raiders – 28

I personally believe that if Alan Bowman isn’t going to play and it looks like he isn’t then Tech will be in a bit of a problem moving the ball. We all saw the offensive dynamic change in the OU game when Duffey came in. So I think the Horns get a turnover or two and make some stops when they need to.

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