College Football Pick ‘Em – Week 11

Week 10-

Josh: 7-4

Ozzie- 7-4

Overall Record-

Josh: 72-41

Ozzie: 73-40

-Week 11-

It continues to be a very tight race between our to pickers. This week will be especially fun as our two teams face off against each other in Lubbock.


Ohio State @ Michigan State-

Ozzie- Ohio State

I believe the Buckeyes win rather easily and continue their march towards the huge matchup against Michigan towards end of year.

Josh- Ohio State

Ohio State will be looking to prove people wrong. I think they win big.


South Carolina @ Florida-

Ozzie- Florida

I believe Franks and company score enough to win, it’s not going to be pretty but the Gators get it done.

Josh- Florida

I think Florida is incredibly overrated, but I don’t trust SC.


Wisconsin @ Penn State-

Ozzie- Penn State

I thought this matchup would ultimately decide who was going to be playing for their CFP entry. Now it’s just another middle of the pack matchup.

Josh- Penn State

My Nittany Lions have taken a beating lately… They’ll get a much needed victory this Saturday.


Mississippi State @ Alabama-

Ozzie- Alabama

I mean they’re a train on tracks who seem to be never-ending. Bama easily.

Josh- Alabama

I’m not gonna be the guy that picks Alabama to get upset… BUT, this could be close.


Oklahoma State @ Oklahoma-

Ozzie- Oklahoma

Bedlam is always crazy. But I don’t see Gundy and the gang being ready for this game. I mean they used all their energy against my Longhorns apparently.

Josh- Oklahoma

Someone let me know when they have figured out how good OSU is… Cause I honestly don’t know.


Washington State @ Colorado-

Ozzie- Washington State

Mike Leach and company continue their streak towards the Pac-12 Title. Although this could be a closer game than people think.

Josh- Colorado

And the last of the Pac12’s title hopes go down…


Northwestern @ Iowa-

Ozzie- Northwestern

Believe it or not, Northwestern is leading the other half of the Big 10 and could find their way in the Big 10 championship with this big win.

Josh- Iowa

Feels like NW is playing tough games every week. I think that catches up to them here.


Auburn @ Georgia-

Ozzie- Georgia

I believe Fromm and the Dawgs have it dialing and clicking on all cylinders again. This could get ugly…

Josh- Georgia

I dont trust Gus, I dont trust Stidham, I dont trust any team that has an eagle as their mascot but call themselves the Tigers… Georgia wins big.

Clemson @ Boston College – Clemson
I mean their “toughest” matchup left in the season, Clemson by double digits.


Ole Miss @ Texas A&M-

Ozzie- Texas A&M

I mean Ole Miss isn’t that good this year. The Aggies always play tough at home. Aggies by 10.

Josh- Texas A&M

Feels like every team in the SEC, outside of Bama, is the exact same team. So this one could go either way.


Baylor @ Iowa State-

Ozzie- Iowa State

Does ISU continue their hot streak or do the Bears have another big win in their system? I’ll take the first option. ISU wins at home.

Josh- Iowa State

I could see this being close… Maybe…


TCU @ West Virginia-

Ozzie- West Virginia

I mean I don’t think TCU has enough players to field a secondary of their defense. They are extremely thin in that unit which could mean it’s going to be a LONGGGG day. WVU easily.

Josh- West Virginia

The Mountaineers are back. They’re on a mission to get to the Big12 Title game, and the little ole Frogs aren’t gonna stop them.


Texas @ Texas Tech-

Ozzie- Texas

I don’t think that Tech can overcome if Alan Bowman is not playing QB for them. Duffey doesn’t pose much of a threat to me…I hope I didn’t just jinx us…Horns get big road win in LBK.

Josh- Texas Tech

Yes, Bowman is out. No, Duffey has not been able to move the offense the way Bowman has. BUT, he’s looked better in each game he plays in. I expect him to be ready to go. Tech will take advantage of an injured Longhorn defense and get a close victory.


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