MLB End of Year Awards Predictions

Hey guys, Ozzie here.

I wanted to do one last blog on MLB before the End of Year Awards are announced and we have to wait until Spring Training for baseball action again…107 days until New York Yankees first Spring Training game!!


NL Rookie of the Year- Ronald Acuna Jr.

I mean Juan Soto attempted to make a run at this award but there was no way that after what Acuna did to lead this Braves team to the postseason that he doesn’t win this award. He was a solid force at the leadoff spot for the Braves all year and how can we forget his tremendous run of 5 straight games with a HR? The youngest player to ever accomplish that feat…at 20 years old…I repeat….20…years…old…

AL Rookie of the Year- Miguel Andujar

This might be a closer race than the NL ROY race simply because I believe Ohtani will take some votes away due to what he was able to do this year also. Ohtani is a rare breed of a player and if he can return to full health and avoid getting TJ Surgery then he could be a phenomenal talent. But what Andujar did this year was absolutely incredible also, setting the record for doubles by a Yankees rookie with 47 and also tying Fred Lynn with the most all-time. Along with those double he added 2 triples and 27 HR’s bringing the total number of XBH to 76.

NL Cy Young – Jacob DeGrom

Speaking of incredible seasons, this has to be near the top of the list. What a season by Jacob DeGrom who had an incredible ERA of 1.70 with 217 innings pitched this year. To put that into perspective, he only allowed 48 TOTAL RUNS ALL YEAR and only 41 of those being EARNED RUNS. That a crazy 1 earned run allowed every 5 1/3 innings pitched. The only person giving him a running to maybe win this award is Max Scherzer. Another season with 300 strikeouts is almost laughable at this point. But there’s no way that the voters can say that DeGrom wasn’t the best pitcher in the NL all year long.

AL Cy Young – Blake Snell

This again should be a given. I mean Blake Snell led the AL in Wins, ERA, Batting Average Against and was 2nd in WHIP. The only other competitor in this award should be Justin Verlander and he once again had a Verlander type season. But there’s no way you can overshadow what Blake Snell did, especially with the Rays team who was overshadowed by so many to begin this season. He single handedly was a W every time they took the field. Hats off to Mr.Snell.

NL Manager of the Year- Craig Counsell

This should again be a no brainer in my opinion, Craig Counsell led the Milwaukee Brewers to the best record in the NL and to the NLCS practically against all odds. Their bullpen led the way for them all season long and Counsell seemed to plug players in whenever needed to guarantee a win. The front office made plenty of quality moves for him to be successful and bring on veteran players towards the end of their playoff run to give them their best chance to win the Pennant. The 2nd option in my opinion would be Brian Snitker from the Braves, leading them to the NL East Title almost 2 years above schedule. The Braves will be good for years to come, they lack a few solid arms and they will be back to being a force.

AL Manager of the Year- Alex Cora

I mean is there every any question as to who should win this award. Rookie Manager leading the Red Sox to a MLB Best 108 wins during the regular season and a World Series Championship. There should be no arguments here as to who is the obvious choice for this award. It pains me deeply to say that a Red Sox person should win an award and I will admit twice in this article (stay tuned) Kevin Cash and Bob Melvin can flip for 2nd place, both did an amazing job with their respective teams to get them to where they were. Oakland was 3 wins away from 100 victories and once again they had an early exit in the Postseason courtesy of my Yankees.

NL MVP- Christian Yelich

They are trying to make this a closer race than what it honestly is in my opinion between Baez and Yelich but I think Yelich is hands down the NL MVP. Not only for what he was able to do throughout the entirety of the season but for what he was able to do for the Brewers down the stretch to claim the NL Central Crown and lead them to the NLCS. Yelich led in practically every offensive category outside of OBP (Joey Votto was 1st-no shock there and Brandon Nimmo was 2nd-who has 100+ AB’s less than Yelich) Yelich led in HR’s, AVG, SLG, OPS and was second in Runs and RBI’s. He had an absolutely incredible season and I believe he was the best player in the NL all season long.

AL MVP – Mookie Betts

I think the biggest shocker to me in this scenario was that Mookie’s teammate (JD Martinez) was left off of the ballot here. That would’ve been his biggest competition when it came down to it, don’t get me wrong Mike Trout and Jose Ramirez are great players/options but there’s no way JD Martinez isn’t one of the Top 3 players in the AL. So yes, Mookie wins AL MVP. *drinks bleach to numb the pain*




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