Texas Tech Vs KSU in a real bummer of a game…

A lot’s been going on this week, from focusing a bit more on the NBA (more NBA blogs coming soon) to having just a crazy week before the holidays. So we’ll cram a KSU preview in with a short recap of last week.

Recap of last week vs Texas

I have to admit to another reason there was only one blog this past week… To be completely honest I’m a bit tired of talking football with Texas Tech fans. I watched on TV as this team came roaring back to nearly win a game after trailing by 17 points in the 4th quarter. Unlike those that paid for a ticket… I actually got to see that comeback (and eventual heartbreak). As the FOX television broadcast showed the “sky cam,” what viewers saw was simply embarrassing and pathetic. I get it, we were losing. I get it, we’ve seen too many home losses over the years. But 17 points IS NOT a blowout. I would have expected a few early exits, but not 80% of the crowd. If I were a player or coach on this team, you bet I would be calling these fans out for totally bailing on this team in a game that could have used some home-field advantages down the stretch… I got in to some heated arguments over on RedRaiderSports.com about this, a guy even threatened me over it… So I have to confess to not being super pumped about talking Tech football all week. But I’m here so lets get into it.

Briefly, lets talk about what happened on the field last week. I mentioned in the build up to the UT game, Tech had to avoid the “what-if’s” after the OU game in order to salvage the season… To put it kindly, they were unable to accomplish this. The offense moved the ball at will against the Longhorn’s defense. We are all left wondering “what if” Duffey didn’t have 3 bad turnovers, all in the red zone… Other than literally just those 3 plays, Duffey played incredibly well. Three bad played outweighed about 50 good plays… That’s life as a Tech fan… Wesley was a monster once again, he has a legitimate chance to win the Biletnikoff Trophy. The Oline protected Duffey pretty well, but they once again were unable to get any push in the run game. Defensively, I thought Tech was fine. They kept the UT run game under control, and were in position all night against the pass. Unfortunately, Ehlinger was throwing absolute dimes so it didn’t matter that the coverage was good. Even on the game winning catch by LJ Humphrey, Fields was right there to make the play… He just missed it. It happens. Like the OU game, I think Tech wins this one with a healthy Alan Bowman. But I guess we’ll never know.

This week vs KSU

Not a whole lot to break down here… Tech simply has to win this game! KSU is not good, but we have all seen over the years what can happen when Tech is coming off of a disappointing stretch in the season. It doesn’t typically get better. If they continue the trend of losing games they should win, they’ll be at risk of missing a bowl game. Even more important than that though, if Kliff can’t get 2 wins to close out the season here, he’s done. So although many expect Tech to cruise to victory in a low-pressure situation, I don’t think it’s low-pressure at all. The fans should feel it, the players should feel it, and the coached absolutely should feel it. Even with a W, there’s no guarantee that this coaching staff is retained. It’s likely that Duffey will get the start once again for the injured Bowman, and Dakota Allen will be limited if he can play. But even with that in mind, the Red Raiders are a better football team than KSU. Anything less than a blowout would be unacceptable…


Again, this shouldn’t be close. But you have to wonder what the attitude within that locker room (and coaches offices) has been like all week. This team could easily be 7-3 right now in stead of 5-5… Of those five losses, four of them were within one score AND against top 20 teams. At some point, that has to be a little deflating. I think Tech gets the win here, but I don’t expect to feel good about it.

Tech: 24

KSU: 17




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