College Football Pick ’em- Week 13

Week 12-

Josh: 7-4

Ozzie: 5-6

Overall Record-

Josh: 88-48

Ozzie: 90-46

Week 13-

Week 12 was a wild one for our predictions here on the blog… It’s been close all season, and should stay the same as we wind down… Some great games to pick from this week!


Miss State @ Ole Miss-

Ozzie- Mississippi State

This is always a fun and nasty game. I think the Dawgs are just a tad better and will get that W.

Josh- Mississippi State

MSU has been the more consistent team all season, I think they pull out a close win.

UCF @ South Florida-

Ozzie- UCF

I’m honestly kind of tired of hearing about UCF but there’s there not enough there at USF to get the win.

Josh- UCF

South Florida simply doesn’t have the juice to keep up here. UCF continues to be a thorn in the committees side.

Oklahoma @ West Virginia-

Ozzie- West Virginia

I think that the last team to have the ball in their hands win this game. I mean OU gave up 40 to Kansas…WVU could put up 100… *cue John Denver*

Josh- West Virginia

I just do not trust that OU defense. WVU wins a shootout.

Washington @ Washington State-

Ozzie- Washington State

Mike Leach and the boys keep the train going. Gimme WAZZU by 10+.

Josh- Washington State

Im nervous about this one, but I think Mike Leach will pull out the tricks and win a close one.

Michigan @ Ohio State-

Ozzie- Michigan

If Ohio State doesn’t watch Urban’s mannerisms he might legit blow his brains out. Michigan easily.

Josh- Michigan

Shea Magic will be in full effect. Michigan wins a gets one step closer to reaching the CFP.

Georgia Tech @ Georgia-

Ozzie- Georgia

GaTech tries to control clock by that triple option formation, but Georgia is too much.

Josh- Georgia

I SO want to be wrong here so that the SEC’s playoff situation can be thrown all out of whack, but I can’t go against the Dogs here.

Florida @ Florida State-

Ozzie- Florida

Probably the least intrigued I’ve been about this game in a long time. Gators pull out a victory in this rivalry game.

Josh- Florida State

Could the Seminoles have figured some things out against BC last week? I think they get this win and continue their Bowl streak.

Auburn @ Alabama-

Ozzie- Alabama

Ah, The Iron Bowl. Alabama is just too good this year for it to really make an impact. Bama by double digits…AGAIN

Josh- Alabama

I’m not gonna be the guy to pick against Bama… But I think this is closer than most think. Maybe even OT.

South Carolina @ Clemson-

Ozzie- Clemson

I think this game will be closer than people think. Always love intense rivalry games. Clemson wins with big 4th quarter.

Josh- Clemson

Blowout city.

Texas @ Kansas-

Ozzie- Texas

Ehlinger is good to go. Defense riding the wave of last weekend. Horns handle easily and setup matchup against WVU/OU in Jerry’s World.

Josh- Texas

One win away from a Big12 Title game, UT will make easy work of the Jayhawks.

Baylor Vs Texas Tech (AT&T Stadium, Arlington Tx)-

Ozzie- Texas Tech

Yay. Let’s attempt to fill Jerry World with a game that is kinda blah. Kliff fighting for his job…although it might be gone already..

Josh- Baylor

This pains me. My hatred for Baylor is second only to my love for Texas Tech. But this season has spiraled out of control, no QB is healthy, and Kliff is likely coaching his final game for Tech. Brighter days ahead, I hope.

LSU @ Texas A&M-

Ozzie- LSU

I mean LSU’s offense isn’t very good but their defense is. I think they force a few turnovers and make this a somewhat easy victory.

Josh- Texas A&M

The yearly battle to see who is more overrated… This year, its LSU.

Oklahoma State @ TCU-

Ozzie- Oklahoma State

Go Pokes. They’re my new 2nd favorite team. Thanks for that gift last week.

Josh- Oklahoma State

Which OSU team shows up? Likely the one thats good enough to score 28 points, which is more than enough to beat TCU.

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