Texas Tech Vs Baylor Preview: Do we have to!?

Well here we are folks, final game of the regular season and the outlook is far different than we expected it would be a month ago… The Red Raiders are riding a 4 game losing streak and will need a win tomorrow morning just to reach a bowl game. Unfortunately though, last weeks total no-show by Kingsbury’s crew has made this game feel pointless. There is really nothing to take from last weeks game, except for the fact that we’ll likely see another new face at QB moving forward. Jett Duffey was clearly not feeling right against KSU, and all signs are pointing to McLane Carter getting his first start since the opener against Ole Miss.

As I said, this game feel pointless… This team has already flushed away what could have (should have) been a really great season. I truly believe, and I don’t think its a stretch, that if Alan Bowman was able to play a full season healthy that this is a 9-3 team. But I can believe that all I want, it’s not our reality, and that’s the problem. Despite what I think has been Kliff Kingsbury’s best season as a coach so far in his career, this is likely his final game as Head Coach of his alma mater. It’s not difficult to see that he no longer has the support of the fanbase. We all saw the embarrassing display by our fans in the final home game two weeks ago. And as much as I hated that, I have to agree that this program needs a change in a bad way. The message that keeping Kliff would send to fans, players, recruits, and anyone else paying attention is that we’re okay with mediocrity… So even with a win, 6-6 should not be considered good enough and I would expect a change to be made at Head Coach.

Now despite what I feel about the big picture importance of this game, there’s no doubt that this game matters to the players and coaches on both sidelines. Both teams are sitting 5-6, both are coming off of really disappointing losses, and both programs need to reach a bowl game. Baylor is improved from their 1-11 2017 season, but are still rebuilding. Not only would those extra bowl practices go a long way towards developing young players, but reaching s bowl game would undoubtedly buy coach Matt Rhule some time in this rebuild. Not reaching a bowl this year could make Rhule’s job security a bit uncomfortable going into 2019. A win would cap off a pretty encouraging season. They have clearly found an answer at QB. Charlie Brewer, while he doesn’t have the potential or excitement of an Alan Bowman or Brock Purdy, has proven to be a solid option at QB that will do a fine job leading this team through their rebuilding years. Their offense is good, but inconsistent right now. Their defense should not be difficult to score on, but after last weeks performance in Manhattan Kansas nothing would surprise me.

Another reason this game should matter to Tech fans… To put it simply, it’s Baylor. And let me tell you buddy, I HATE Baylor. So no matter the records or expectations of either team, I always want to beat that crooked program! So hopefully next week will be filled with speculation of where Tech will be playing their bowl game, who they’ll be playing in their bowl game, and most importantly, who will be in charge of this football team after the bowl game… Regardless, enjoy this one. Win or lose, it will be awhile before we get to see the team play again.



I’ll spare you the analysis, I simply don’t think Tech will be able to bounce back from this dreadful streak. I fully expect to write a blog next week about a Texas Tech Head Coaching search…

Tech- 17

Baylor- 28





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