College Football Pick ’em results

When I first started this blog I imagined I would do something to keep track of my predictions. Then once @ozziedaniel got on board I knew we would have a lot of fun picking games and seeing who could get the most right. So all season long we have picked anywhere from 8 to 14 games each week and done our best at applying whatever knowledge we think we have to try and guess these games. I have always said it, college football (especially for the middle of the pack programs) is random. Nobody ever really knows who is going to win a week 8 game between Utah and Arizona State… But because we all want to think we’re smart, we try and guess anyway. The results were pretty mixed. We had some good weeks and some bad weeks. But it was a lot of fun nonetheless.

Bowl Results

Ozzie: 10-4

Josh: 8-6

Final Records

Ozzie: 110-60

Josh: 109-61


We picked 170 games this year and the difference came down to one freaking game… I always thought Ozzie picking his Longhorns every week would backfire on him. Turns out him picking UT to beat Georgia is what gave him the victory.

So that’ll do it for the 2018-19 College Football season. I imagine we will have some blogs in the coming days and weeks to sum up the seasons of Texas, Texas Tech, and maybe some other Lone Star programs. Also expect some recruiting talk after the 2nd National Signing day in February.

Congrats to Clemson on their National Championship, and congrats to Ozzie on winning this years pick ’em contest. As we all know, they are comparable accomplishments.


GunsUp as always!


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