Mike Trout, Alex Bregman get their paydays!


Honestly, never in my life have I regretted bailing on baseball at age 7 more than I did when the news of these contracts broke! Not that I would have ever been capable of earning anything close to this kind of money, but if 7 year old Josh thought that $430mil over 12 years was even possible, things would have been different for sure! Like that time Coach Copenhagen (I don’t remember his name, but he loved to get buzzed around the 1st graders under his care for 1 hour on Tuesday nights) told me to shake it off after getting hit 3 consecutive times in practice (shake it off? How about you take Tyler off the mound, coach!?)… In stead of deciding right then and there that baseball wasn’t for me, I’d have charged the mound and fully embraced the baseball lifestyle.

Seriously though, I can’t even read “$430 million over 12 years” without picturing Mike Trout swimming in gold McDuck style. And once I get passed the jealousy, I’m actually truly happy for Mike Trout. Not just because he’s an outstanding baseball player that represents himself in a really respectful manner… But because the chances are good that after signing this contract, for the first time in his life, Mike Trout smiled! What an experience that must have been. Most of us don’t remember our first smile. But because Mike Trout has gone the first 27 years of his life without showing emotion, he gets to really take in what it feels like to move your cheeks for the first time.

As for my boy Bregman… You gotta think he’ll be celebrating this payday a little differently than Trout. Even though his deal is half as long and $330 million less than Trouts, you just know Bregman went into walk-off homer mode as soon as ink hit paper. I wouldn’t be surprised if he even flipped the pen afterwards.

In terms of how this effects the MLB landscape… I don’t think much changes. Houston is the class of the AL West for the foreseeable future, if anything this just reassured that. The Astros have both Altuve and Bregman now locked up through 2024 and still have the opportunity to keep the majority of their core for that time as well. The Angels, however, remain in mediocrity. Trout has been the best player in baseball for most of his career. That front office hasn’t built a legit roster around him yet, I don’t see that changing anytime soon…



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