All hail the best player in basketball, James Edward Harden Jr.



I’ve avoided blogging much about Harden because it’s difficult to put into words just how incredible he’s been this season. But come on man! This is just crazy… 61 points on on 19-34 from the field! 9-13 on 3 pointers! Oh yeah, he also had 7 rebounds and 3 steals. Despite going for 37 in the first half, the Rockets were in a dog fight with San Antonio. The MVP wasn’t getting ANY help from his teammates tonight. He re entered the game in the fourth quarter with 48 points and his team trailing by 6… Then he decided to win the game! Harden went on a 13-2 run by himself. It was one of those games that I will never forget watching.

Somehow… This guy still has more haters than anyone in the league. After he scores 61 points including 13 strait to give his team a win, I still have to defend him from asinine tweets like this…


One day I will ignore idiots like this… But not tonight! Not after James Harden once again did something that no one else in the league can do, including the Greatest Of All Time Lebron James.

Harden is the best player in basketball right now. He deserves to win MVP for the second straight year (really should be his 4th in 5 years, but whatever). And he certainly deserves more respect than the average NBA fan gives him.



One thought on “All hail the best player in basketball, James Edward Harden Jr.”

  1. Great post my man! Very well said.

    Also, that idiot shouldn’t be allowed to even WATCH basketball, let alone tweet about it. If he thinks Harden is the worst player to watch then what exactly DOES he want to watch??? Harden is doing something historically amazing and idiots like him are missing out on enjoying this time in basketball history!!!


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