God Bless Alex Bregman!


How can you not love this guy! Not only is he an absolute problem on the baseball field, but he is as relatable of a superstar as there is in sports right now. Is he a bit brash at times? yes. Does he sometimes run his mouth when it would benefit him not to? sure! But more than any of that he’s a blue collar dude tat worked his butt off to get where he is. And you will not find someone who wants to win more than him!

Since his arrival to Houston, he’s been the heart of the city. In a sports market that is absolutely stacked with superstar and Hall of Fame talent right now, Bregman stands out as probably the most likable in my opinion. Harden is about to be a 2 time defending MVP and is currently the best player in basketball. Chris Paul is one of the 5 greatest Point Guards of all time. JJ Watt is, in my opinion, right up there with Lawrence Taylor and Reggie White as far as pass rushers are concerned. Even on his own team, Bregman is surrounded by superstar talents like Altuve, Verlander, Correa and Springer. But none of those guys put on for the city the way Bregman does.

So thank you Alex Bregman! Thank you for not compromising that swagger just because you play a sport that often looks down on brash confidence. Thank you for never backing down to those that want to take shots or try to tear down the city of Houston. But most of all, thank you for that RBI single in the 10th inning of game 5. The biggest hit in Houston Astros history. You deserve every penny of this contract!

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