NCAA Tournament Day 1 Recap

Day 1 of March Madness is in the books and unfortunately it lacked anything resembling Madness. There were a few “upsets” but even those didn’t really feel like upsets… Here’s a quick rundown of the first day’s games.

East Region

No major surprises here. Belmont and Yale both flirted with upsets over Maryland and LSU, but the higher seeds prevailed as expected. Michigan State struggled more than they would have liked to against Bradley, headlined by Tom Izzo pissing our soft modern sports media off for coaching a kid… Somehow the kid overcame getting yelled at and was able to finish the game without taking a Xanax, probably. The headliner of the East region games was Minnesota “upsetting” Louisville in the Pitino Bowl. Although even that wasn’t much of a surprise, I had Minnesota in my bracket (humble brag).

West Region

Gonzaga, Michigan, and Florida State all took care of business as expected. Baylor outlasted Syracuse. But the story of the day was Murrey State over Marquette. A couple stories to take away from that game… 1. I didn’t really understand Marquette as a 5 seed, and their no-show yesterday really makes you wonder why they were that high. 2. Ja Morant is the clear number 2 pick in the upcoming draft, and should get more consideration for the number 1 spot. I had them making the Sweet 16 all because of Ja, and after watching them today I think they could beat Gonzaga in that potential matchup.

South Region

Saint Mary’s gave Villanova a run for their money… But Nova held on relatively drama free. Purdue took care of business as expected. No real stories coming out of the South so far.

Midwest Region

Auburn tried blow their game against NM State. And NM State seemed like they just had no interest in moving on in this tournament. People are mad that an Auburn player made a “choking” sign as NM State choked away their chance at an upset… I just don’t get that. This is basketball, trash talk happens. Get over it. Kansas smashed Northeastern and now people think their good again, that seems weird to me. I really hoped ACU would represent the Southland Conference well and pull off the unlikeliest upset of the year, but that obviously never had a chance at happening. Lastly, I picked Seton Hall pretty much based on reputation alone. I hadn’t seen Wofford play this year, and their name is Wofford which is just ridiculous. I can’t see the name “Wofford” and think those guys can play basketball. But I was wrong, these kids can shoot the rock as well as anyone I have seen this season. Even though I had Seton Hall, I enjoyed watching Wofford play more than any other game I watched yesterday. I think they have a chance against Kentucky in round 2.

Day 2 should be more fun across the board I would think. Even if the games suck, Tech gets to begin their run to the Final 4! The rest of the games can all get canceled as far as I’m concerned. GunsUp!



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