Art Briles to return to coaching High School football… Really!?


Well, chalk this up to news I didn’t expect to see this weekend…

Nobody can deny that Art Briles is a superb football coach. Everywhere he has been, he’s won games. I mean, how soon did we forget that Baylor was the laughing stock of college football for over a decade!? But thats really not the point here.

This dude is a bonafide scum bag! The amount of black marks on Briles’ integrity is matched only by Rick Patino (maybe)… The idea that this is a man that a school has entrusted the lives of young men ages 14 to 18 to is astonishingly stupid.

I am less than a year away from sending out resume’s to schools looking for young coaches… Safe to say I won’t be sending one to Mount Vernon. Ole Art probably wouldn’t appreciate a few tweets I have sent out about him and his rape enabling coaching style.

Do better Mount Vernon!



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