Sunday Thoughts

As I continue to attempt to stay consistent with writing on this website, I thought I would try to bind myself to some recurring posts. This one is simple. Each Sunday I’ll let you guys know what I think about the stories of the past week. They’ll typically stay in the sports world, but could venture into other territories at times.

So here are some things that have been running through my head this week…

-Hockey players are probably the most underrated athletes in sports. What those guys do is incredible and it feels like they’re never mentioned with the great athletes today. I don’t know much about hockey, but I’m never not impressed when I watch a game with what these guys can do.

-On a related note, Houston needs an NHL team. I try to watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs every year, but its tough to be interested when I don’t have a rooting interest. Its crazy that the 4th largest city in America doesn’t have a team but Tampa Bay does… I want to be hockey fan, bring a team to Houston!

-I have probably mentioned this on the site before, but sports coverage (especially NBA coverage) has turned into a mirror image of political coverage. People just twist stories and form narratives no matter the facts. Its why I don’t watch cable news, and why I rarely watch sports news channels.

-Steph Curry had to be the lone superstar on his team for once (game 3), and he played his tail off despite the loss. The next game he looked hungover. Maybe we should start appreciating what James Harden has been able to do over the past 5 years and stop making crap up about his playoff performances. It isn’t easy to be the only focus of an opponents defense every night. This Finals series is showing that.

-Are the freaking Raptors going to win an NBA Title???

-What even is Kawhi Leonard??? We can debate about his place in the NBA hierarchy, and I can admit that I probably had him too low before these playoffs. But we should really spend our time on better things. Like trying to figure out how someone who seemingly hates basketball can be so good at it. I don’t like or dislike Kawhi, he just confuses me.

-Staying on the NBA Finals topic, I couldn’t be any happier for Kyle Lowry. Loved watching him in Houston and have stayed a fan. He’s been under appreciated his whole career. If/When Toronto finishes this off, my favorite part will be watching K-Low celebrate.

-Why do cops pull drivers over and only give warnings!? Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that he didn’t give me a ticket. But I don’t appreciate having to park on the side of the road for 20 minutes crapping my pants and praying that this  officer only kind of wants to enforce the law. Just honk at me or something. “Warn” me without wasting everyones time.

-Carlos Correa was my MVP pick before the season started, can I take that back? He’s far from the MVP of his own team, much less the whole league. I never thought I would say this, but of the Astros 5 potential “star” position players, Correa is probably 5th.

-Also, 4 of those 5 position players are on the DL (I will not call it IL) and Houston is still murdering the AL West as easily as Arya murdered Little Finger.

-What athletic program is matching what Texas Tech is doing across all sports right now? I get it, football is king and stuff. But the TTU Athletic department is crushing it in pretty much every other sports of relevance. They just took home the T&F Team National Title, I don’t really care about that but its still a pretty big deal. The baseball team is one win away from they’re 4th CWS Birth since 2014. And the basketball team is coming off of a National Title appearance. If Matt Wells can get football on track, maybe people will start to notice…

-Only 76 days until College Football season!

-Finally, I’m up early for some reason, mindlessly watching ESPN (I said rarely, not never). They aired a story about a High School QB that had a leg injury so severe that he eventually lost the leg… The kid has gone through hell, and throughout most of the story he had a big smile on his face. A bit of perspective for you there.

That’s pretty much it for now, I’ll try to do this weekly. I appreciate anyone who reads these, please keep it up. Follow the social media pages linked on the right side of this page, subscribe to the YouTube Channel (hoping to get back on track with videos soon), and let me know if you’re interested in contributing in any way.



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