Sunday Thoughts (6-16-2019)

Second edition of this weekly post. As a reminder, most of what I write here will be about sports, but I’ll include any number of random thoughts I have had throughout the week at times. This week, it’s mostly NBA stuff, which should surprise nobody…


– I don’t believe in karma, but those who do have a good amount of evidence for it right now. The Warriors have benefited from injuries more than any team in any sport that I have ever seen. This year, all of those debts were paid at the same time. Somehow though, as a Rockets fan I don’t feel like the dept was paid to the correct team.

– Kind of disrespectful that I didn’t lead with this… But the Toronto Raptors the NBA Champs… Say that out loud! Sounds weird.

– As weird as it is that Toronto took out the GS Dynasty, I literally could not be happier for a non-Rocket to win a title than I am for Kyle Lowry. I watched him scrap and claw for meaningless wins in Houston for years. He’s one of those guys that can be frustrating at times, but its so obvious how much he wants to win. Glad he’s getting some much over-due attention right now.

– Pretty cool to see Marc Gasol get a ring as well. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t like Marc Gasol!?

– Kawhi Leonard remains one the strangest superstar athletes ever. But that doesn’t take away from how great he is. I don’t like how the media seems to change their mind on who the “best player in the league” is on a weekly basis. I don’t even like trying to rank some of these guys because its impossible to not contradict yourself. Having said that, Kawhi has dug his heels into the conversation. He’s on the Mt. Rushmore of current NBA players.

– I might as well give you my Mt. Rushmore of current NBA players now… In no particular order, lets go with: LeBron, Kawhi, Harden, Giannis… Flame away.

– Even as an avid hater of Kevin Durant, it really sucks to see him come down with such a dramatic injury. Even with modern medicine/technology, there hasn’t been even one player come back from a ruptured achilles as the same player. And its not a small sample size either… Kobe, Elton Brand, Wes Matthews, Boogie Cousins, Chauncey Billups, and Rudy Gay. Have we seen the last of KD as we know him???

– Its pretty much a given that KD will miss all of next season, and with Klay tearing his ACL at least 2 months later into the season than most guys do, even if both guys decide to re-sign in GS (unlikely) the Warriors days as the perennial favorites in the West are over.

– Speaking of Western Conference favorites, LeBron finally has his all star teammate. Anthony Davis heads to LA, and the Lakers didn’t even give up their top young player, Kyle Kuzma.

– There’s no way Anthony Davis takes his unibrow to LA, right!? Cant show up to Hollywood looking like a sesame street character.

– We’re literally less than a week into the offseason and its already shaping up to be an exciting one. The West is going to be really fun next year.

– I can’t imagine what its like to not be an Astro’s fan right now… Springer, hurt. Correa, hurt. Altuve, hurt. Doesn’t matter! Still the best team in baseball. Yordon Alvarez has played 5 games (as I type this) and looks like he’s not going to give up his spot in the middle of the order.

– Seriously, how frustrating it must be if you’re a fan of a team thats not the Astros. The Astros haven’t had a high draft pick in 4 years, but they still have better prospects than your team. Alvarez is 21 years old, he’s just been chilling in Round Rock waiting on a chance. All of a sudden he’s the cleanup hitter for the best team in baseball. Incredible.

– Lets have some fun and project this lineup when everyone is healthy…

  1. Springer. 2. Altuve. 3. Bregman. 4. Brantley. 5. Alvarez. 6. Correa. 7. Yuli. 8. Reddick. 9. Chirinos

I mean, thats not fair! Correa at 6 (thats where I would put him at least). Chirinos is hitting like an all star this year and is probably the 9 hole hitter when this team is healthy. The organizational depth in Houston really is unbelievable. World Series #2 is on the way in 2019, folks!

– I just saw a preview for the new Dwayne Johnson movie with Jason Statham… I thought it was another Fast & Furious… Turns out its a different movie. But is it really though?

– Texas Tech baseball will play Arkansas in a CWS elimination game on Monday… If they win, I will talk all the trash about my former state of residence. If they lose, I’ll pretend I don’t care about college baseball. Sorry, thems the facts though…

– Here’s a music thought: They’re far from my all time favorite, but I’m not sure there’s a modern band making better music than Kings Of Leon right now. Music is subjective, but if you don’t like them, you’re just wrong…

– Finally, the Texans continue to make decisions that force me to believe they’re striving to be the South Cleveland… Is it possible to genuinely dislike your favorite team? Apparently yes. I love the Texans… There’s just not much to like about the guys running the show right now.


That’ll do it for this weeks Sunday Thoughts. I’m working on an NBA Mock Draft as well, so look for that to drop pretty soon. Possibly some Skype shows with the guys coming soon as well. Hope ya’ll check them out.



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