Sunday Thoughts (6-23-2019)

Other than the NBA Draft on Thursday, there wasn’t much going on in sports this week. We’re in the dog days of baseball season, and NBA free agency doesn’t start till June 30th. The CWS is in full force, but those games are not exactly the most exciting (especially when your team loses 15-3).


– Maybe this is a sign that I’m getting old, but the best part of watching the NBA Draft last week was seeing the emotions hit these kids as they had they’re dreams realized. It’s one of the coolest things about sports in my opinion.

– Remember when I compared sports media to political media? Yeah, that was in full force last week when Vince Goodwill (more like “Badwill” amerite!?) of yahoo sports just completely made up a story about Chris Paul “demanding” a trade. Hours after the report we find out it simply never happened… Yet sports media is still running with it.

– I got real cocky about the Astros last week… They’ve now lost 7 straight.

– Nomar Mazara hit a baseball over 500 feet. That shouldn’t be possible. I’m sure he’s clean, but the Astro’s fan in me thinks we should probably check that piss.

– News dropped that the MLB will consider making the Tampa Bay Rays a “two city team.” They would play half their games in Tampa and the other half in Montreal. I mean, that might actually be the dumbest idea in the history of ideas.

– Speaking of dumb ideas… College officials are prone to them, apparently. Pretty ironic when you think about it. Found out last week that SFA is basically cutting the amount of parking spaces for students in half and giving the other half to faculty/staff… So my last few of months in college will be like parking at the Super Bowl every morning. Cant wait!

– Tech Baseball came up a bit short once again in the CWS. I was really into it, until it was clear they were done. Then I took a nap.

– I miss basketball.

– As I type this, College football season starts in 62 days.


Thats it for this week. Check out the Sports Snobs Youtube channel to see a brand new video/podcast (Snob Pod? I just made that up, but I think I like it…) discussing the NBA Draft/offseason, should be uploaded in the next day or so.



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