Chris Paul Drama Update! Plus, Vince Goodwill blocked me on twitter…

So can we stop now? This story has been denied multiple times by multiple people who would know. A general rule of mine is to believe what the players and GMs say over the low level click-bait “reporter” trying to get famous, Vince Goodwill.

Even if you don’t want to believe what Morey and Paul are saying right now, ESPNs Tim MacMahon (who reported on the “tension” just a day earlier than Goodwill’s report) denied Goodwill’s report on a podcast with Brian Windhorst and Jackie MaCmullin. MacMahon claims he heard the same thing from a “source without the Rockets best interest in mind.” Upon further investigation (ya know, journalism) he found that it was not true…

So seriously, lets move on from this now. The Rockets have an important offseason ahead of them and could very well be the favorites to win it all next year.


PS: I’m really proud of myself! I set a goal to have that bum Vince Goodwill block me on twitter… It took like two, maybe three tweets at him and he pulled the trigger… Dude is soft!


And finally….



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