Sunday Thoughts (6-30-2019)

The final week of June is never all that eventful outside of NBA Free Agency rumors. Thats definitely the case this year as well. This week felt like at least two weeks, I’m not sure why but it just dragged on and on it seemed. That being said, here’s some of what passed through my brain the past 7 days… Plus, the debut of what will be a recurring “thought,” my Album of the Week.


– As I type this, we are less than 2 hours away from the beginning of NBA Free Agency. This is probably the craziest FA season since LeBron’s first time leaving Cleveland, if not ever.


– Players likely to be changing teams include; Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler, Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker, and DeAngelo Russell. Clay Thompson will have the opportunity to change teams as well, but he’s likely to stay in Golden State. Same goes for Kris Middleton in Milwaukee. Overall, close to half of the league will be available as FA’s tonight. The NBA landscape is about to change.

UPDATE: Looks like KD and Kyrie are both headed to Brooklyn… Thoughts and prayers to Knicks fans!

– Jimmy Butler is the guy I am paying the most attention to. The Tomball, Texas native is supposed to meet with Houston about potentially joining the team that plays just about 30 minutes away from where he grew up. Rumors are coming in that Jimmy’s preferred new team is the Miami Heat. While I think that would be a really bad decision for Butler, it kind of makes sense… He just looks like someone who would want to live in Miami. I don’t mean that in a good or a bad way (I don’t think).

– Major League Baseball’s Allstar break is quickly approaching. With that comes the Home Run Derby. I always here fans saying that competing in the Derby could mess up a swing… I just don’t get that. Its just like batting practice for them. If anything, it should make them better… Also, its fun! Chill out and enjoy it. Christian Yelich agrees:

– I was lucky enough to get tickets to the Astros vs Pirates game this past Tuesday. I got to set in the club level section above the 3rd base dugout (no, I did not pay for them). It was really nice, but I can’t say I appreciated the smugness of the ushers and stadium employees. I got scolded for stopping to tie my shoe… “SIR! You cannot stand in front of that wall!” Apparently they need to keep that wall available for…. I don’t know something important. I kindly suggested she relax a little bit, she declined.

– If you like movies and music (rare, I know) you’re gonna want to check out this trailer for Yesterday. Brilliant concept, looks like a really fun movie. Trailer has been out for awhile, but I’ll share it here anyway. Defiantly gonna hit the theaters once this drops next month.


– I thought it’d be fun to share one album that I have been listening to each week. There’s no criteria whatsoever. Sometimes could be something new, but usually won’t be… For this week, we’re going with Mumford & Sons newest album, Delta. Pretty good stuff.


– NBA Free Agency is here… Buckle up!



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