Who’s Mad at Alex Morgan!?

When I woke up this morning, I did what I always do. I rolled over, grabbed my phone and started scrolling through Twitter. We’re at the point in the NBA Offseason where not much is happening, but something could happen any second now, and I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see where Kawhi decides to go. So as I scrolled through Twitter, I was hoping to see some news about that. Instead I saw this…

If you didn’t already know, Alex Morgan scored a goal against England in the Semi-Final match of the World Cup. Then followed that goal with the celebration you see above. Personally, I loved the celebration! Obviously its a jab it the Brits and their smug tea drinking ways. But as a historian, I like to think she was taking it all the way back to the Boston Tea Party. Seeing as this was just a few days before we celibate our Nations liberation from the tyrannical British Empire… Ya know, just a reminder that we’ve been dominated them for over 200 years. Handing out L’s in two wars, saving their butts in a couple others, and owning them in just about every sport (even the one’s we don’t even care about). But even if she didn’t put as much thought into it as I am, it’s still a solid burn.

That’s not just my thoughts on the situation, but thats the thoughts of pretty much every one else I have seen offer up an opinion. I mean, some Brits weren’t too happy about it. There was this…

But this chick here is clearly just salty about the loss. Which is fine… I hate when my team loses too. I, too, act like a big baby every time the Warriors knock the Rockets out of the playoffs.

But thats pretty much it, salty Brits. I think Piers Morgan joined in on the criticism… But my god who cares about that guy!? I literally haven’t seen one American criticize the celebration. That’s not to say that American opinions are the only ones that matter, I mean I may feel that way but thats not the point. The point is that the only reason anyone is upset with Alex Morgan over this celebration is that they LOST. So I really don’t understand who Miss Morgan is referring to in her comments. We’re on your side girl!

And look, I’m not the biggest soccer guy… I haven’t watched a second of the Women’s World Cup and I don’t really plan to in the future. But having said that, I LOVE this team’s confidence. Im a big Alex Morgan fan. She’s good and she knows it! Thats as American as it gets. I even like how she worded her comments above. The part about guys grabbing their sacks… Hilarious! I want to see more celebrations like this too, I mean I’m not gonna watch the games… But I’ll check out the highlights (of the celebrations, not the soccer).

And lastly, I don’t know how busy soccer players are… I know there are tons of leagues and FIFA play seems to always be going on. So maybe she’s actually oblivious to how people react to male athletes celebrating… But she clearly doesn’t know about Major League Baseball’s “unwritten rules.” Or the NFL celebration controversies from a couple years ago. Men get criticized for celebrating CONSTANTLY!

My advice to Alex… Don’t worry about a few dummies running their mouth about what you do or don’t do on the field (pitch? idk). And understand that those dummies don’t speak for the vast majority of sports fans. Keep dominating, and keep rubbing your loser opponents nose in it. #America!

I could probably think of more to say about the subject… But an NBA Summer League game just came on and, while its meaningless, its infinitely more interesting than this.


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