Sunday Thoughts (7-7-2019)

Back for another edition of Sunday Thoughts… This week was all about NBA Free Agency once again. And boy was it a crazy week! So lets talk about what passed through my head this week.


-If you don’t watch or follow the NBA, you’re doing life wrong! And this upcoming year is a good time to start. So many great teams to root for.

-Kawhi picking the Clippers (and bringing Paul George with him) set us up with a 2019-20 season in which 6 to 8 teams have a legit chance at winning the whole thing.

-Is the “Big 3” era over?

-Somehow, I feel like the Miami Big 3 of LeBron, Wade, and Bosh has become UNDERrated. Look up those highlights! Much more fun to watch the Warriors crew that just split up.

-The NBA is in such a great place right now with so many superstars and now bunch of completive teams.

-I wonder, if they were to re-do the “50 Greatest Players in NBA History” how many guys from the original group would still make? Not many in my opinion…. (blog idea)

-The Rockets are apparently rumored to be interested in bringing in Russell Westbrook… No thanks!

-I honestly don’t really buy it anyway… Even if they’re interested, that trade would be almost impossible to pull off unless Chris Paul is apart of it. And why would OKC want CP when they’d clearly be rebuilding??

-I went and saw Spiderman: Far From Home this weekend… I mean, it was good I guess. All the MCU movies are at least pretty good. But there are so many Spiderman staples missing from this version.

  • Peter Parker is supposed to be a photographer… Not the case in this series.
  • Zendaya is great. But MJ’s character is supposed be the popular girl, not this dark feminist buzz kill that they’ve made her into!
  • Aunt May is NOT supposed to be young and cool…
  • This isn’t necessarily wrong, but I hate the version of Spiderman that has exterior webs. Like, if he’s part spider, he should be able to shoot them without some fancy bracelet.
  • Where is Harry!? Where is Gwen!?


-As a college student, I come across a lot of frat guys. I just have never understood the whole Frat lifestyle. Especially the hazing stuff. Like, I get that kids want to fit in, but there are limits to how far I’ll go to be popular. If you want be to humiliate or harm myself, I’m just going to say no!

Frat guy: “Drink till you puke and you can hang out with us!”

Me: “Uhh no thanks, Im gonna go somewhere and not get sick…”

Frat guy: “Get naked and wrestle me!”

Me: “Yeah I’m gonna have to pass bro! I think I’ll go do something with clothes on in stead…”

Its that simple kids…

-Alright, lets close it out with my Album of the Week. Brought back one of my all time favorites this week. Phobia, from Breaking Benjamin…


-Hey guys, its almost time College Football season prep! Im giddy!



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