2019 College Football Preview/Predictions

*everything in this blog can be seen in Part 2 of our College Football Preview video, which will be posted at the end*

College Football is finally back and I’m excited for what is probably the best part of being a CFB fan… That’s trying to guess what happens and bragging about the 1 or 2 things I might get right. My prediction blog last year was my first real blog, and if Im going to be judged off of that then I won’t be doing this very much longer… I had only 1 correct playoff team, and my obsession with Penn State came back to bite me once again. So I have regrouped, and I know for a fact that my 2019 Playoff predictions will be 100% correct… So here they are.

1. Clemson vs 4. Oregon

Starting off with a surprise… I think Oregon will be the best team in a pretty weak Pac12. I love Justin Herbert as a potential Heisman candidate, and Oregon once again has the weapons to be really explosive offensively. Oregon might not be the 4th best team in the country, but I think the circumstances around the country, namely a 2 loss Big12 Champ, will allow for Oregon to sneak into the Playoffs as the 4 seed. I don’t think I need to say much about the defending Champion Clemson Tigers. They’ll ride into this game at 13-0 and the heavy CFP favorites.

2. Michigan vs 3. LSU

A double surprise here! I think this is finally the year for Michigan to get over the hump and beat Ohio State. I think they very well could be undefeated going into the playoffs. Shea Patterson is a stud, and I think Michigan has a top 3 defense in the country. For LSU, I see a lot of similarities to Michigan. At some point Alabama isn’t going to make the playoffs, I think this is the year LSU can put it together with some good QB play (finally) out of Joe Burrows, and a defense that I think will be better than Alabama’s.

National Championship-

1. Clemson vs 3. LSU

Clemson rolls over an overmatched Oregon team, and LSU beats Michigan in a close, low scoring game. In a matchup of just ridiculous athletes and extremely talented defenses, I think the difference comes down to QB play and offensive efficiency. With the best QB in the country (and my Heisman pick) in Trevor Lawrence, I think Clemson rolls to their 2nd consecutive Title and third in the last four years. Which will put them in the conversation as one of the best teams we have ever seen in college football!

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