College Football Pick’Em: Week 1

-Week 1-

Week 0 came so quickly that we weren’t able to get picks in… Week 1’s slate of games isn’t quite as exciting as it has been in past years. But we’re excited to talk football and make some picks nonetheless.

*For explanation of picks, watch the video at the bottom of the page*


Utah at BYU- 

Josh: Utah

Mike: Utah

Ozzie: Utah


Wisconsin at South Florida-

Josh: Wisconsin

Mike: South Florida

Ozzie: Wisconsin


Ole Miss at Memphis-

Josh: Memphis

Mike: Ole Miss

Ozzie: Ole Miss


South Carolina Vs North Carolina-

Josh: South Carolina

Mike: North Carolina

Ozzie: South Carolina


Northwestern at Stanford

Josh: Stanford

Mike: Stanford:

Ozzie: Stanford


Boise State Vs Florida State-

Josh: Boise State

Mike: Florida State

Ozzie: Florida State


Virginia at Pitt-

Josh: Pitt

Mike: Pitt

Ozzie: Pitt


Houston at Oklahoma-

Josh: OU

Mike: OU

Ozzie: OU


Louisiana Tech at Texas-

Josh: Texas

Mike: Texas

Ozzie: Texas


Montana State at Texas Tech-

Josh: Texas Tech

Mike: Texas Tech

Ozzie: Texas Tech


Oregon Vs Auburn (Cowboy Stadium)-

Josh: Oregon

Mike: Auburn

Ozzie: Oregon




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