College Football Pick’Em: Week 2

Week 1

Josh: 8-3

Mike: 7-4

Ozzie: 6-5

-Week 2-

Week 1 was dumpster fire for picking games. Just one interesting game on the entire slate, and the better team lost that one… Week 2 is slightly better with 2 really good match ups, but I’m anxious to get further into the season when we can get the FCS teams off the schedules.



West Virginia @ Missouri

Josh: Missouri

Mike: West Virginia

Ozzie: Missouri

Nebraska @ Colorado

Josh: Colorado

Mike: Nebraska

Ozzie: Nebraska

Arkansas @ Ole Miss

Josh: Ole Miss

Mike: Ole Miss

Ozzie: Arkansas

Miami @ UNC

Josh: Miami

Mike: UNC

Ozzie: Miami

Stanford @ USC

Josh: Stanford

Mike: USC

Ozzie: Stanford

UTEP @ Texas Tech (-34.5)

Josh: Texas Tech

Mike: UTEP

Ozzie: Texas Tech

Texas A&M @ Clemson

Josh: Clemson

Mike: Clemson

Ozzie: Clemson

LSU @ Texas

Josh: LSU

Mike: Texas

Ozzie: Texas


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