College Football Pick’Em: Week 3

No video this week. Taking a break from the videos to figure out a better way to put these out. Likely will just be audio only podcasts to go along with the blogs (at least for the pick’s blogs, could still use the youtube channel occasionally). Until we get that worked out, we’ll just do it old school and blog it…

Week 2-

Josh: 6-2

Mike: 4-4

Ozzie: 3-5

Overall Records:

Josh: 14-5

Mike: 11-8

Ozzie: 9-10

-Week 3-

This week provides the highest number of intriguing games so far this season, but it lacks any major marquee matchup. There are number couple of Big12 teams that will be tested for the first time. Tech facing Arizona on the road, ISU looking to finally beat their rival Iowa for the first time under Coach Campbell, KSU looking to avenge the beatdown they took from Miss State last season, and TCU making the long trip to Purdue. We threw a few more in there for fun, including a couple potential blowouts that we pick against the spread…

Kansas State @ Mississippi State

Josh: Mississippi State

“KSU is improving, just not there yet.”

Ozzie: Mississippi State

“MSU offense is very efficient right now, Kylin Hill leads the way again.”

Mike: Mississippi State

Stanford @ UCF

Josh: UCF

UCF always plays up for these games, and I haven’t liked what I have seen from Stanford so far.”

Ozzie: UCF

“Stanford loses back to back games; UCF offense is very explosive.”

Mike: Stanford


Josh: USC

“BYU has looked decent against (supposed to be) tough competition through two weeks (Utah, Tennessee). They’ll be pleased do go 1-2 during this stretch.”

Ozzie: USC

“USC wins back to back games with backup QB Kedon Slovis (SLOVIS MANIAAAA)”

Mike: USC

Arizona State @ Michigan State

Josh: Michigan State

“MSU has a top 10 defense in the country, this could get ugly.”

Ozzie: Michigan State

“MSU ground game can control the clock, ASU faces 1st big matchup in early season. Not quite ready.”

Mike: Michigan State

Iowa @ Iowa State

Josh: Iowa

“The Iowa State hype got out of control this summer, Hawkeyes win comfortably”

Ozzie: Iowa State

“Ames will be rocking, big time in-state rivalry. ISU makes a big statement and beats one of Big 10’s best.”

Mike: Iowa

Florida @ Kentucky

Josh: Florida

“Felipe Franks is not good, but he won’t need to be this week.”

Ozzie: Florida

“Mainly due to UK losing starting QB. Florida wins a tough road game.”

Mike: Florida

Clemson @ Syracuse

Josh: Clemson

Much like Iowa State, the Syracuse hype got ridiculous… Clemson wins by as much as they want.”

Ozzie: Clemson

“Syracuse very underwhelming performance last weekend, Clemson puts up a ton in this game.”

Mike: Clemson

Florida State @ Virginia

Josh: Virginia

“If you don’t know who Bryce Perkins is, you will soon. UVA wins by 2 TDs.”

Ozzie: Virginia

“FSU barely squeaked by last week, they’re not quite good enough yet.”

Mike: Virginia

TCU @ Purdue

Josh: TCU

“Still a lot to learn about both teams… I’ll take TCU by a field goal.”

Ozzie: Purdue

“I think Purdue and Rondale Moore make a statement. TCU first real test of year, offense is huge question mark.”

Mike: Purdue

OU @ UCLA (+23.5)

Josh: UCLA

“OU wins the game, but UCLA scores late for the back door cover.”

Ozzie: OU

“OU will run away with this one. UCLA is still not quite good enough yet, Jalen Hurts continues rampage against JV defenses…”

Mike: OU

Texas @ Rice (+31.5)

Josh: Texas

“That’s a big spread, even for Rice. But I think that UT Defense wants to make a statement against an inferior opponent.”

Ozzie: Texas

“I think the UT offense is good enough to cover this spread, will defense bounce back against a completely different style of offense?? Rice will try to manage clock and slow game down, UT has to score quickly and in bunches to cover…which they will.”

Mike: Texas

Texas Tech @ Arizona

Josh: Texas Tech

“The first real test of the Matt Wells era. Is this defense real? Can Bowman and co. continue to run an efficient offense? I think so. 45-28 Tech!”

Ozzie: Texas Tech

“I think Matt Wells first road test of the year and he goes to Zona and beats the Fightin’ Kevin Sumlins”

Mike: Texas Tech


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