College Football Pick’Em: Week 6

Week 5-

Ozzie: 8-2

Mike: 6-4

Josh: 4-6

Overall Records:

Josh: 31-20

Ozzie: 31-20

Mike: 27-24

-Week 6-

Things are starting to heat up. Not only in the College Football season, but in the Sports Snobs Pick’Em as well. We have some great games this week, and a fair amount of disagreement. Crazy that we’re already in week 6… It goes by fast folks, enjoy it!

Iowa @ Michigan

Josh: Michigan

Ive given up on the Wolverines as far as the playoffs are concerned, but they’re still a good team. They get a much needed impressive home win.

Ozzie: Iowa

I think this is the beginning of the end for Harbaugh in Ann Arbor, give me Hawkeyes in a tough battle.

Mike: Iowa

Oklahoma State @ Texas Tech

Josh: Texas Tech

There’s really no reason to pick the Red Raiders this week. OSU has been significantly better so far in 2019. But sometimes you just have to trust that your boys aren’t going to completely fall apart and they’ll find a way to get a much needed win. (P.S. for all the panic in Lubbock right now, 2-2 is exactly where I had them in my preseason predictions…).

Ozzie: Oklahoma State

Tech defense is facing two of the country’s toughest offense in back to back weeks, Chuba should have a field day.

Mike: Oklahoma State

TCU @ Iowa State

Josh: Iowa State

As much as I have enjoyed seeing the Cyclone hype train crash and burn, I just don’t trust this TCU team to win in Ames.

Ozzie: Iowa State

TCU bounced back last week, but Iowa State holds their ground and wins a close game against a weird TCU team.

Mike: TCU

Auburn @ Florida

Josh: Florida

Auburn just keeps winning, but their still frauds and Bo Nix still isn’t a very good QB. Trask is nothing special either, but that UF defense is. Auburn gets exposed.

Ozzie: Auburn

I’m fully on the Auburn train, they are tough. Physical upfront and will control LOS against this Florida team. Don’t be surprised if Florida comes out and makes a statement though…

Mike: Auburn

Texas @ West Virginia

Josh: Texas

This could be closer than some are expecting, Morgantown is a tough place to play. But there is no way Sam Ehlinger is letting this team lose the week before a season defining matchup in the Cotton Bowl.

Ozzie: Texas

Week off was big for Longhorns before these next few weeks of their schedule. Longhorns redeem themselves from last years loss against a less talented Mountaineer team. Horns by double digits.

Mike: Texas

Baylor @ Kansas State

Josh: Baylor

I hate myself for picking this scumbag program to get a win… But they impressed me last week in their win over ISU. Matt Rhule is starting to get some momentum.

Ozzie: Kansas State

Baylor faces their first real test this year against a physical Kansas State team who’s already beaten Miss State on the road. Give me Wildcats in a close game.

Mike: Baylor

Arizona @ Colorado

Josh: Arizona

Still just picking Zona in hopes that Tech’s loss doesn’t look so bad…

Ozzie: Colorado

Buffaloes look to make a big impact in wide open Pac-12 with a victory at home.

Mike: Arizona

Michigan State @ Ohio State

Josh: Ohio State

If you pressed me on it, as of week 6, the Buckeyes are the best team in the country. They role MSU.

Ozzie: Ohio State

Buckeyes are on a roll, Sparty’s defense is best they’ve faced this year so we’ll see how they fare. Buckeyes are too deep.

Mike: Ohio State

Cal @ Oregon

Josh: Oregon

The Ducks have looked great since their tough loss in week 1. Plus, Cal’s QB out with an injury, Oregon wins big.

Ozzie: Oregon

This is a close battle, but the homefield in Eugene proves to be the deciding factor. Give me Ducks by 6.

Mike: Oregon

Northwestern @ Nebraska

Josh: Northwestern

They both stink, but I think Northwestern stinks a little less…

Ozzie: Nebraska

After a less than ideal performance last week at home, Huskers bounce back and prove they’re a good team.

Mike: Nebraska

Washington @ Stanford

Josh: Washington

Because the Huskies are much better…

Ozzie: Washington

I thought this would be a big matchup before season started with Pac-12 title implications, but nonetheless Huskies beat a struggling Stanford team.

Mike: Washington

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