College Football Pick’Em: Week 10

Week 9-

Josh: 7-3

Ozzie: 7-3

Mike: 6-4

Overall Records:

Josh: 63-29

Ozzie: 59-33

Mike: 52-40

-Week 10-

I gotta to be honest, these games suck! Not to mention, its been a pretty tough sports week for us here at Sports Snobs… Texas losing to TCU, Texas Tech losing to Kansas in an all time blunder, and of course, the Houston Astros missed their chance at a dynasty (for now) when they lost game 7 of the World Series to the Washington Nationals. Plus, I was looking forward to the Alabama vs LSU game all week, until I realized that game isn’t until next week… Lets get this over with.

(no analysis on these games, sorry)

Georgia @ Florida

Josh: Georgia

Ozzie: Georgia

Mike: Florida

Miami @ Florida State

Josh: Florida State

Ozzie: Miami

Mike: Miami

Kansas State @ Kansas

Josh: Kansas State

Ozzie: Kansas State

Mike: Kansas State

TCU @ Oklahoma State

Josh: Oklahoma State

Ozzie: Oklahoma State

Mike: TCU

Utah @ Washington

Josh: Utah

Ozzie: Utah

Mike: Utah

SMU @ Memphis

Josh: Memphis

Ozzie: Memphis

Mike: SMU

Oregon @ USC

Josh: Oregon

Ozzie: Oregon

Mike: Oregon

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