College Football Pick’Em: Week 11

Week 10-

Ozzie: 7-0

Josh: 6-1

Mike: 4-3

Overall Records:

Josh: 69-30

Ozzie: 66-33

Mike: 56-43

-Week 11-

Its hard to believe we are already we’re already in week 11! But there are some really fun games this weekend, headlined by LSU traveling to Tuscaloosa to try and finally get over the hump against Alabama. Winner of that game has a clear path to the playoffs. Lets get into these picks!

Penn State @ Minnesota

Josh: Penn State

Minnesota is good, but they have benefited from a pillow soft schedule. Penn State will bring them back down to reality.

Ozzie: Penn State

I think Penn State is too much for Minnesota.

Mike: Penn State

Baylor @ TCU

Josh: Baylor

Baylor should have an L already, but they have managed to catch some breaks and stay unbeaten deep into the season. TCU has too many unanswered questions on offense to be the team to end Baylor’s streak.

Ozzie: Baylor

I think Baylor will eventually fall, but not this week.

Mike: Baylor

Texas Tech @ West Virginia

Josh: Texas Tech

Both teams need a win badly. I think Tech comes through after a much needed bye week.

Ozzie: Texas Tech

After a tough loss to Kansas, look for the Red Raiders to win a big road game.

Mike: Texas Tech

LSU @ Alabama

Josh: LSU

Too might not be 100%, but I would pick Coach O’s Tigers even if he was. I think Burrow will lead this offense against a vulnerable Alabama defense and get a HUGE win.

Ozzie: LSU

I think LSU makes a BIG statement in the CFP picture and wins a close one.

Mike: LSU

Kansas State @ Texas

Josh: Texas

UT coming off a bye, which they needed in a bad way. This is as much of a must win as any so far this season. UT comes through and wins a game they need.

Ozzie: Texas

Players returning from injury, long bye week to return to form. Horns bounce back.

Mike: Texas

Iowa @ Wisconsin

Josh: Wisconsin

Badgers already had their disappointing week this year, they should be good going forward.

Ozzie: Wisconsin

Wisconsin is still really good, I think they win a big game.

Mike: Iowa

USC @ Arizona State

Josh: USC

I just wanna see if I can keep picking USC games wrong…

Ozzie: Arizona State


Mike: Arizona State

Iowa State @ Oklahoma

Josh: Oklahoma

Preseason I would have picked this to be OU’s yearly loss to a team they shouldn’t lose to… But Kansas State already took care of that.

Ozzie: Oklahoma

OU And Hurts bounce back and play really physical against ISU.

Mike: Oklahoma

Washington State @ Cal

Josh: Washington State

*Shrugs shoulders* idk….

Ozzie: Cal

I mean, who really knows? Its that PAC 12.

Mike: Washington State

Notre Dame @ Duke

Josh: Duke

Going with the upset here. I just don’t think ND is very good and would not be surprised to see them blow this one.

Ozzie: Notre Dame

ND is a good football team and will continue to prove it.

Mike: Notre Dame

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