College Football Pick’Em: Week 12

Week 11-

Ozzie: 8-2

Josh: 7-3

Mike: 6-4

Overall Records:

Josh: 76-33

Ozzie: 74-35

Mike: 62-47

-Week 12-

I don’t know if this is just me, but it has seemed like we’ve had a few too many weeks in college football this year that just don’t have enough good games… This is another one of those weeks. Only two big time match ups, OU vs Baylor and Georgia vs Auburn, the rest is pretty predictable. Nonetheless, we’re getting down to the nitty gritty of the CFB season. Playoff spots are starting to become more clear, as long as these teams don’t blow it.

P.S. No analysis this week… We’re busy, back off!

Indiana @ Penn State

Josh: Penn State

Ozzie: Penn State

Mike: Penn State

Wisconsin @ Nebraska

Josh: Wisconsin

Ozzie: Wisconsin

Mike: Wisconsin

Michigan State @ Michigan

Josh: Michigan

Ozzie: Michigan

Mike: Michigan State

Kansas @ Oklahoma State

Josh: Oklahoma State

Ozzie: Oklahoma State

Mike: Oklahoma State

TCU @ Texas Tech

Josh: Texas Tech

Ozzie: Texas Tech

Mike: TCU

Navy @ Notre Dame

Josh: Notre Dame

Ozzie: Notre Dame

Mike: Notre Dame

Georgia @ Auburn

Josh: Georgia

Ozzie: Auburn

Mike: Georgia

Texas @ Iowa State

Josh: Texas

Ozzie: Texas

Mike: Texas

West Virginia @ Kansas State

Josh: Kansas State

Ozzie: Kansas State

Mike: Kansas State

Minnesota @ Iowa

Josh: Iowa

Ozzie: Minnesota

Mike: Minnesota

Oklahoma @ Baylor

Josh: Oklahoma

Ozzie: Oklahoma

Mike: Oklahoma

South Carolina @ Texas A&M

Josh: Texas A&M

Ozzie: Texas A&M

Mike: Texas A&M

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