Chris Paul Drama Update! Plus, Vince Goodwill blocked me on twitter…

So can we stop now? This story has been denied multiple times by multiple people who would know. A general rule of mine is to believe what the players and GMs say over the low level click-bait “reporter” trying to get famous, Vince Goodwill.

Even if you don’t want to believe what Morey and Paul are saying right now, ESPNs Tim MacMahon (who reported on the “tension” just a day earlier than Goodwill’s report) denied Goodwill’s report on a podcast with Brian Windhorst and Jackie MaCmullin. MacMahon claims he heard the same thing from a “source without the Rockets best interest in mind.” Upon further investigation (ya know, journalism) he found that it was not true…

So seriously, lets move on from this now. The Rockets have an important offseason ahead of them and could very well be the favorites to win it all next year.


PS: I’m really proud of myself! I set a goal to have that bum Vince Goodwill block me on twitter… It took like two, maybe three tweets at him and he pulled the trigger… Dude is soft!


And finally….



Sunday Thoughts (6-23-2019)

Other than the NBA Draft on Thursday, there wasn’t much going on in sports this week. We’re in the dog days of baseball season, and NBA free agency doesn’t start till June 30th. The CWS is in full force, but those games are not exactly the most exciting (especially when your team loses 15-3).


– Maybe this is a sign that I’m getting old, but the best part of watching the NBA Draft last week was seeing the emotions hit these kids as they had they’re dreams realized. It’s one of the coolest things about sports in my opinion.

– Remember when I compared sports media to political media? Yeah, that was in full force last week when Vince Goodwill (more like “Badwill” amerite!?) of yahoo sports just completely made up a story about Chris Paul “demanding” a trade. Hours after the report we find out it simply never happened… Yet sports media is still running with it.

– I got real cocky about the Astros last week… They’ve now lost 7 straight.

– Nomar Mazara hit a baseball over 500 feet. That shouldn’t be possible. I’m sure he’s clean, but the Astro’s fan in me thinks we should probably check that piss.

– News dropped that the MLB will consider making the Tampa Bay Rays a “two city team.” They would play half their games in Tampa and the other half in Montreal. I mean, that might actually be the dumbest idea in the history of ideas.

– Speaking of dumb ideas… College officials are prone to them, apparently. Pretty ironic when you think about it. Found out last week that SFA is basically cutting the amount of parking spaces for students in half and giving the other half to faculty/staff… So my last few of months in college will be like parking at the Super Bowl every morning. Cant wait!

– Tech Baseball came up a bit short once again in the CWS. I was really into it, until it was clear they were done. Then I took a nap.

– I miss basketball.

– As I type this, College football season starts in 62 days.


Thats it for this week. Check out the Sports Snobs Youtube channel to see a brand new video/podcast (Snob Pod? I just made that up, but I think I like it…) discussing the NBA Draft/offseason, should be uploaded in the next day or so.


2019 NBA Mock Draft

The NBA offseason is off and running already. Yesterday the Woj bomb dropped and we found out that Anthony Davis will be a Laker next year, and with that the 2019 draft order had a slight shake up. Anyway, regardless of who’s picking where, I love the draft. And this one is particularly interesting. I’ll give a brief explanation for the lottery picks (top 14). For all 30 I will offer up what roles I think each player could potentially play on a team, as well as what current/former NBA player they compare to.

1: New Orleans Pelicans- Zion Williamson, Forward, Duke

I don’t think there has been more of a “no-brainer” at #1 maybe since the last time New Orleans was picking 1st (Anthony Davis, 2012). Zion showed last season that he is NBA ready. He’s a grown man. While I do think there will be an adjustment period for him, and he’ll have to improve his shooting, Zion’s athleticism is like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

Potential: Superstar

Comp: Larry Johnson/Blake Griffin

2: Memphis Grizzlies- Ja Morant, Point Guard, Murray State

Morant is this years best example of modern NBA influence. He’s a ball-dominant guard that can shoot from deep and has superb vision. Any other year he’d be the #1 pick in my opinion. As a small school kid, there were fair questions about the competition he faced at Murray State, but he answered all of those questions in this years NCAA Tournament.

Potential: Superstar

Comp: Russell Westbrook athleticism with Steve Nash vision and shooting

3: New York Knicks- JR Barrett, Shooting Guard, Duke

Knicks fans were justifiably upset after missing out on the #1 pick and the once in a life time athlete that would have come with it in Zion Williamson. But drafting Zion’s teammate 3rd is not a bad backup plan. Barrett came into last season as the projected number 1 pick, and for much of the season he looked like it. He’s the best transition finisher in the draft, has James Harden like craftiness, and is an above average athlete. His shot is inconsistent, but its not a form issue. Theres no reason to believe he can’t get more consistent from 3 point range.

Potential: All Star

Comp: Manu Ginobili/Paul George

4: New Orleans Pelicans (From LAL)- Jarrett Culver, Guard/Forward, Texas Tech

Culver shocked many of us with his play last season, earning Big12 POY honers and leading Texas Tech to a National Title appearance. Culver will be the highest draft pick to ever come out of Texas Tech. He’s a good athlete with a knack for getting the ball in the net. Culver was a really good college scorer, but I think he will make his mark as a defender in the NBA. Has potential to be able to create offense for himself as well as his teammates, but lack of an elite first step might hold him back in this regard. Will be a good building piece for the new-look Pels.

Potential: Elite 3-D Wing

Comp: Trevor Ariza/Phili Andre Iguadala

5: Cleveland Cavaliers- DeAndre Hunter, Small Forward, Virginia

Hunter has the potential to be a really good scorer in the NBA. He was really impressive in the National Title game, where he outplayed Culver. I see Hunter and Culver as pretty similar prospect. Hunter having a slight offensive edge, Culver a slight defensive edge.

Potential: Elite 3-D Wing

Comp: Kyle Kuzma/Jeff Green

6: Phoenix Suns- Darius Garland, Point Guard, Vanderbilt

Garland is both mostly unknown and one of the more intriguing prospects in this draft. He was really highly regarded coming out of high school, but missed all but 5 games in his lone season at Vanderbilt due to injury. Because of this, he has drawn some Kyrie Irving comparisons. From what I have seen, I wouldn’t make that comp at all. But he does fit into that mold as a PG that can get buckets. Watching some of his highlights, the one thing that sticks out is his quick twitch ability, and how he stays on balance really well. The Suns haven’t had a legit PG in years, I think they’ll take Garland over Coby White because of Garland’s off ball ability.

Potential: Second tier all-star

Comp: Somewhere between Jeff Teague and Damian Lillard

7: Chicago Bulls- Coby White, Point Guard, North Carolina

One of my favorite prospects to watch. I didn’t watch many UNC games last year, but as I was prepping for this mock I fell in love with White’s game. He’s a long, score first PG that will fit into today’s NBA really well. He’s got a great shot, he’s a pretty good passer, and has the size to be a solid defender.

Potential: Second tier all-star

Comp: Taller Jamal Murray

8: Atlanta Hawks- PJ Washington, Forward, Kentucky

Atlanta hasn’t really tried to hide the fact that they’re trying to build a team in the mold Golden State. They drafted Trae Young and Kevin Huerter last year in hopes that they can be an elite shooting backcourt. If they’re going to stay on that trend, they need a playmaking forward… And thats exactly what PJ Washington has the potential to be. A guy that would have been labeled a “tweeter” in years past is now the type of player many teams want at the 4 position. PJ has a long way to go to become Draymond Green, but thats the guy he needs to try to immulate (except for the pouting), regardless of who picks him.

Potential: Elite glue-guy

Comp: Offensive Draymond Green

9: Washington Wizards- Cam Reddish, Duke

Here’s a guy that was simply a victim of circumstances at Duke in my opinion. Playing alongside two of the top three prospects in this years draft forced Reddish to take a major back seat. But while he was the clear #3 on that team, he’s a legit prospect. Has great size for his position, and should be a pretty versatile defender. He’s a solid athlete, but his strength is his range.

Potential: Solid starting wing

Comp: Kris Middleton/Brandon Ingram

10: Atlanta Hawks- Jaxson Hayes, Center, Texas

Hayes is pretty much your standard modern NBA Center. Has good size, can protect the rim, good P&R finish potential, and should be really good on the boards. I don’t know if I would use a top 10 pick on this type of player, because they seem to be a dime a dozen these days. While it’s tough to find a really good one, its easy to get an average one.

Potential: Starting Center

Comp: Jarrett Allen/Kavon Looney

11: Minnesota Timberwolves- Nassir Little, Small Forward, North Carolina

Nasser Little is a throwback to 2006 if Ive ever seen one. He’s an old school small forward that doesn’t look to shoot first. He’s got good size and he’s really bouncy. Great hustle guy who is going to grab offensive rebounds, scramble for steals and loose balls, and finish strong in transition.

Potential: Starting SF

Comp: Shorter Al-Fairq Aminu

12: Charlotte Hornets- Sekou Doumbouya, Power Forward, France

If I’m being honest here, I didn’t know anything about this kid before I started prepping for this mock. But after watching just a couple scout videos, the one thing that sticks out most is how fearless he is. He’s raw but doesn’t really know it yet, if that makes sense. He’s a really strong athlete with good finishing ability. But at times he’ll rely on that athleticism too much by trying to dunk on 3 guys when he could have been a little more under control and maybe drawn a foul, or kick out to an open shooter. He has pretty good shot form for being so raw, so he should be an adequate 3 point shooter. I like him, but there is bust potential.

Potential: Starter

Comp: Could be Pascal Siakam, or could be Anthony Randolph

13: Miami Heat- Kevin Porter, Shooting Guard, USC

Pat Riley should have had a Dwayne Wade replacement lined up by now, but sense he doesn’t, I expect them to draft for potential right away hoping that they can strike gold with a high upside/potential pick. To me, thats exactly what Kevin Porter is. He’s a great athlete with pretty much all the tools to be an all-star at the next level, but potential decision making issues both on and off the court have caused legitimate concerns.

Potential: 6th man scoring threat

Comp: Monta Ellis

14: Boston Celtics- Romeo Langford, Shooting Guard, Indiana

This being the first of three 1st round picks for Boston, theres a better than good chance that they move at least one of them, if not more. Just something to keep in mind.

Assuming they do keep the pick, Langford is a guy that makes a lot of sense as they’ll need playmakers to fill the likely void that Kyrie Irving will leave. Langford is a 2, but he’s a willing (and good) passer. Really good in P&R. Didn’t shoot the 3 well in college, but was able to penetrate the lane at a high level. Similar to Kevin Porter, this would be a risky pick. But only because of the lack of 3 point shot Langford has shown to this point. If he can add that to his game, its a steal.

Potential: Border line all-star Guard

Comp: Lonzo Ball/Victor Oladipo

15: Detroit Pistons- Nickeil Alexander-Walker, Point Guard, Virginia Tech

Potential: Starter

Comp: Jordan Clarkson

16: Orlando Magic- Ty Jerome, Point Guard, Virginia

Potential: Starter

Comp: George Hill

17: Atlanta Hawks- Rui Hachimura, Forward, Gonzaga

Potential: Solid Role Player

Comp: Jabari Parker/Markieff Morris

18: Indiana Pacers- Tyler Herro, Shooting Guard, Kentucky

Potential: Starter

Comp: Somewhere between CJ McCollum and JJ Reddick

19: San Antonio Spurs- Keldon Johnson, Guard/Forward, Kentucky

Potential: Role Player

Comp: Norman Powell

20: Boston Celtics- Bol Bol, Center, Oregon

Potential: Stretch 5

Comp: Brook Lopez

21: Oklahoma City Thunder- Bruno Fernando, Center, Maryland

Potential: Starter

Comparison: Ian Mihinmi/Steven Adams

22: Boston Celtics- Luka Samanic

Potential: Decent Backup

Comp: Jonas Jerebko

23: Utah Jazz- Grant Williams, Forward, Tennessee

Potential: Decent backup

Comp: Mike Scott

24: Philadelphia 76ers- Carson Edwards, Point Guard, Purdue

Potential: Backup guard

Comp: Patty Mills

25: Portland Trailblazers- Chuma Okeke, Small Forward, Auburn

Potential: Role player off the bench

Comp: Wilson Chandler

26: Cleveland Cavaliers- Brandon Clarke, Forward/Center, Gonzaga

Potential: Rotational big

Comp: Jorden Bell

27: Brooklyn Nets- Eric Pashall, Forward, Villanova

Potential: Glue-guy off the bench

Comp: Lesser PJ Tucker

28: Golden State Warriors- Dylan Windler, Shooting Guard, Belmont

Potential: Shooter off the bench

Comp: Sam Dekker

29: San Antonio Spurs- Mfiondu Kebengele, Center, Florida State

Potential: Backup Center

Comp: Serge Ibaka

30: Milwaukee Bucks- Goga Bitadze

Potential: Backup center

Comp: Willy Hernangomez



Sunday Thoughts (6-16-2019)

Second edition of this weekly post. As a reminder, most of what I write here will be about sports, but I’ll include any number of random thoughts I have had throughout the week at times. This week, it’s mostly NBA stuff, which should surprise nobody…


– I don’t believe in karma, but those who do have a good amount of evidence for it right now. The Warriors have benefited from injuries more than any team in any sport that I have ever seen. This year, all of those debts were paid at the same time. Somehow though, as a Rockets fan I don’t feel like the dept was paid to the correct team.

– Kind of disrespectful that I didn’t lead with this… But the Toronto Raptors the NBA Champs… Say that out loud! Sounds weird.

– As weird as it is that Toronto took out the GS Dynasty, I literally could not be happier for a non-Rocket to win a title than I am for Kyle Lowry. I watched him scrap and claw for meaningless wins in Houston for years. He’s one of those guys that can be frustrating at times, but its so obvious how much he wants to win. Glad he’s getting some much over-due attention right now.

– Pretty cool to see Marc Gasol get a ring as well. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t like Marc Gasol!?

– Kawhi Leonard remains one the strangest superstar athletes ever. But that doesn’t take away from how great he is. I don’t like how the media seems to change their mind on who the “best player in the league” is on a weekly basis. I don’t even like trying to rank some of these guys because its impossible to not contradict yourself. Having said that, Kawhi has dug his heels into the conversation. He’s on the Mt. Rushmore of current NBA players.

– I might as well give you my Mt. Rushmore of current NBA players now… In no particular order, lets go with: LeBron, Kawhi, Harden, Giannis… Flame away.

– Even as an avid hater of Kevin Durant, it really sucks to see him come down with such a dramatic injury. Even with modern medicine/technology, there hasn’t been even one player come back from a ruptured achilles as the same player. And its not a small sample size either… Kobe, Elton Brand, Wes Matthews, Boogie Cousins, Chauncey Billups, and Rudy Gay. Have we seen the last of KD as we know him???

– Its pretty much a given that KD will miss all of next season, and with Klay tearing his ACL at least 2 months later into the season than most guys do, even if both guys decide to re-sign in GS (unlikely) the Warriors days as the perennial favorites in the West are over.

– Speaking of Western Conference favorites, LeBron finally has his all star teammate. Anthony Davis heads to LA, and the Lakers didn’t even give up their top young player, Kyle Kuzma.

– There’s no way Anthony Davis takes his unibrow to LA, right!? Cant show up to Hollywood looking like a sesame street character.

– We’re literally less than a week into the offseason and its already shaping up to be an exciting one. The West is going to be really fun next year.

– I can’t imagine what its like to not be an Astro’s fan right now… Springer, hurt. Correa, hurt. Altuve, hurt. Doesn’t matter! Still the best team in baseball. Yordon Alvarez has played 5 games (as I type this) and looks like he’s not going to give up his spot in the middle of the order.

– Seriously, how frustrating it must be if you’re a fan of a team thats not the Astros. The Astros haven’t had a high draft pick in 4 years, but they still have better prospects than your team. Alvarez is 21 years old, he’s just been chilling in Round Rock waiting on a chance. All of a sudden he’s the cleanup hitter for the best team in baseball. Incredible.

– Lets have some fun and project this lineup when everyone is healthy…

  1. Springer. 2. Altuve. 3. Bregman. 4. Brantley. 5. Alvarez. 6. Correa. 7. Yuli. 8. Reddick. 9. Chirinos

I mean, thats not fair! Correa at 6 (thats where I would put him at least). Chirinos is hitting like an all star this year and is probably the 9 hole hitter when this team is healthy. The organizational depth in Houston really is unbelievable. World Series #2 is on the way in 2019, folks!

– I just saw a preview for the new Dwayne Johnson movie with Jason Statham… I thought it was another Fast & Furious… Turns out its a different movie. But is it really though?

– Texas Tech baseball will play Arkansas in a CWS elimination game on Monday… If they win, I will talk all the trash about my former state of residence. If they lose, I’ll pretend I don’t care about college baseball. Sorry, thems the facts though…

– Here’s a music thought: They’re far from my all time favorite, but I’m not sure there’s a modern band making better music than Kings Of Leon right now. Music is subjective, but if you don’t like them, you’re just wrong…

– Finally, the Texans continue to make decisions that force me to believe they’re striving to be the South Cleveland… Is it possible to genuinely dislike your favorite team? Apparently yes. I love the Texans… There’s just not much to like about the guys running the show right now.


That’ll do it for this weeks Sunday Thoughts. I’m working on an NBA Mock Draft as well, so look for that to drop pretty soon. Possibly some Skype shows with the guys coming soon as well. Hope ya’ll check them out.


Sunday Thoughts

As I continue to attempt to stay consistent with writing on this website, I thought I would try to bind myself to some recurring posts. This one is simple. Each Sunday I’ll let you guys know what I think about the stories of the past week. They’ll typically stay in the sports world, but could venture into other territories at times.

So here are some things that have been running through my head this week…

-Hockey players are probably the most underrated athletes in sports. What those guys do is incredible and it feels like they’re never mentioned with the great athletes today. I don’t know much about hockey, but I’m never not impressed when I watch a game with what these guys can do.

-On a related note, Houston needs an NHL team. I try to watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs every year, but its tough to be interested when I don’t have a rooting interest. Its crazy that the 4th largest city in America doesn’t have a team but Tampa Bay does… I want to be hockey fan, bring a team to Houston!

-I have probably mentioned this on the site before, but sports coverage (especially NBA coverage) has turned into a mirror image of political coverage. People just twist stories and form narratives no matter the facts. Its why I don’t watch cable news, and why I rarely watch sports news channels.

-Steph Curry had to be the lone superstar on his team for once (game 3), and he played his tail off despite the loss. The next game he looked hungover. Maybe we should start appreciating what James Harden has been able to do over the past 5 years and stop making crap up about his playoff performances. It isn’t easy to be the only focus of an opponents defense every night. This Finals series is showing that.

-Are the freaking Raptors going to win an NBA Title???

-What even is Kawhi Leonard??? We can debate about his place in the NBA hierarchy, and I can admit that I probably had him too low before these playoffs. But we should really spend our time on better things. Like trying to figure out how someone who seemingly hates basketball can be so good at it. I don’t like or dislike Kawhi, he just confuses me.

-Staying on the NBA Finals topic, I couldn’t be any happier for Kyle Lowry. Loved watching him in Houston and have stayed a fan. He’s been under appreciated his whole career. If/When Toronto finishes this off, my favorite part will be watching K-Low celebrate.

-Why do cops pull drivers over and only give warnings!? Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that he didn’t give me a ticket. But I don’t appreciate having to park on the side of the road for 20 minutes crapping my pants and praying that this  officer only kind of wants to enforce the law. Just honk at me or something. “Warn” me without wasting everyones time.

-Carlos Correa was my MVP pick before the season started, can I take that back? He’s far from the MVP of his own team, much less the whole league. I never thought I would say this, but of the Astros 5 potential “star” position players, Correa is probably 5th.

-Also, 4 of those 5 position players are on the DL (I will not call it IL) and Houston is still murdering the AL West as easily as Arya murdered Little Finger.

-What athletic program is matching what Texas Tech is doing across all sports right now? I get it, football is king and stuff. But the TTU Athletic department is crushing it in pretty much every other sports of relevance. They just took home the T&F Team National Title, I don’t really care about that but its still a pretty big deal. The baseball team is one win away from they’re 4th CWS Birth since 2014. And the basketball team is coming off of a National Title appearance. If Matt Wells can get football on track, maybe people will start to notice…

-Only 76 days until College Football season!

-Finally, I’m up early for some reason, mindlessly watching ESPN (I said rarely, not never). They aired a story about a High School QB that had a leg injury so severe that he eventually lost the leg… The kid has gone through hell, and throughout most of the story he had a big smile on his face. A bit of perspective for you there.

That’s pretty much it for now, I’ll try to do this weekly. I appreciate anyone who reads these, please keep it up. Follow the social media pages linked on the right side of this page, subscribe to the YouTube Channel (hoping to get back on track with videos soon), and let me know if you’re interested in contributing in any way.



Art Briles to return to coaching High School football… Really!?


Well, chalk this up to news I didn’t expect to see this weekend…

Nobody can deny that Art Briles is a superb football coach. Everywhere he has been, he’s won games. I mean, how soon did we forget that Baylor was the laughing stock of college football for over a decade!? But thats really not the point here.

This dude is a bonafide scum bag! The amount of black marks on Briles’ integrity is matched only by Rick Patino (maybe)… The idea that this is a man that a school has entrusted the lives of young men ages 14 to 18 to is astonishingly stupid.

I am less than a year away from sending out resume’s to schools looking for young coaches… Safe to say I won’t be sending one to Mount Vernon. Ole Art probably wouldn’t appreciate a few tweets I have sent out about him and his rape enabling coaching style.

Do better Mount Vernon!