About The Blog

Lets jump right into it! Anyone who knows me personally knows how much I love sports. Playing and following sports are my only real hobbies. I also really enjoy writing about sports. Unfortunately for me, there aren’t very many platforms to write about sports. At least not the way I like to. I have been known to post aggressively long, opinionated sports takes on my personal social media accounts. But here’s the deal, nobody wants to read blog length Facebook posts… So I decided to create my own platform to talk about sports. Specifically, sports in the great state of Texas. Blogs will consist mainly of my opinions regarding top stories. Because of my loyalty to the teams I have been a fan of my entire life (Rockets, Astros, Texans, Texas Tech), those teams will obviously be the focus of many blogs. However, I want to grow this into something, so I will also blog objectively about all major sports in the great state of Texas (College, Professional, and even High School on occasions). Although Texas Sports will be the focus of the blog, I will also occasionally blog about national sports topics, and maybe even venture outside of sports from time to time. This is something I have always wanted to do, and I’m excited to get it started.

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