College Football Pick’Em: Week 6

Week 5-

Ozzie: 8-2

Mike: 6-4

Josh: 4-6

Overall Records:

Josh: 31-20

Ozzie: 31-20

Mike: 27-24

-Week 6-

Things are starting to heat up. Not only in the College Football season, but in the Sports Snobs Pick’Em as well. We have some great games this week, and a fair amount of disagreement. Crazy that we’re already in week 6… It goes by fast folks, enjoy it!

Iowa @ Michigan

Josh: Michigan

Ive given up on the Wolverines as far as the playoffs are concerned, but they’re still a good team. They get a much needed impressive home win.

Ozzie: Iowa

I think this is the beginning of the end for Harbaugh in Ann Arbor, give me Hawkeyes in a tough battle.

Mike: Iowa

Oklahoma State @ Texas Tech

Josh: Texas Tech

There’s really no reason to pick the Red Raiders this week. OSU has been significantly better so far in 2019. But sometimes you just have to trust that your boys aren’t going to completely fall apart and they’ll find a way to get a much needed win. (P.S. for all the panic in Lubbock right now, 2-2 is exactly where I had them in my preseason predictions…).

Ozzie: Oklahoma State

Tech defense is facing two of the country’s toughest offense in back to back weeks, Chuba should have a field day.

Mike: Oklahoma State

TCU @ Iowa State

Josh: Iowa State

As much as I have enjoyed seeing the Cyclone hype train crash and burn, I just don’t trust this TCU team to win in Ames.

Ozzie: Iowa State

TCU bounced back last week, but Iowa State holds their ground and wins a close game against a weird TCU team.

Mike: TCU

Auburn @ Florida

Josh: Florida

Auburn just keeps winning, but their still frauds and Bo Nix still isn’t a very good QB. Trask is nothing special either, but that UF defense is. Auburn gets exposed.

Ozzie: Auburn

I’m fully on the Auburn train, they are tough. Physical upfront and will control LOS against this Florida team. Don’t be surprised if Florida comes out and makes a statement though…

Mike: Auburn

Texas @ West Virginia

Josh: Texas

This could be closer than some are expecting, Morgantown is a tough place to play. But there is no way Sam Ehlinger is letting this team lose the week before a season defining matchup in the Cotton Bowl.

Ozzie: Texas

Week off was big for Longhorns before these next few weeks of their schedule. Longhorns redeem themselves from last years loss against a less talented Mountaineer team. Horns by double digits.

Mike: Texas

Baylor @ Kansas State

Josh: Baylor

I hate myself for picking this scumbag program to get a win… But they impressed me last week in their win over ISU. Matt Rhule is starting to get some momentum.

Ozzie: Kansas State

Baylor faces their first real test this year against a physical Kansas State team who’s already beaten Miss State on the road. Give me Wildcats in a close game.

Mike: Baylor

Arizona @ Colorado

Josh: Arizona

Still just picking Zona in hopes that Tech’s loss doesn’t look so bad…

Ozzie: Colorado

Buffaloes look to make a big impact in wide open Pac-12 with a victory at home.

Mike: Arizona

Michigan State @ Ohio State

Josh: Ohio State

If you pressed me on it, as of week 6, the Buckeyes are the best team in the country. They role MSU.

Ozzie: Ohio State

Buckeyes are on a roll, Sparty’s defense is best they’ve faced this year so we’ll see how they fare. Buckeyes are too deep.

Mike: Ohio State

Cal @ Oregon

Josh: Oregon

The Ducks have looked great since their tough loss in week 1. Plus, Cal’s QB out with an injury, Oregon wins big.

Ozzie: Oregon

This is a close battle, but the homefield in Eugene proves to be the deciding factor. Give me Ducks by 6.

Mike: Oregon

Northwestern @ Nebraska

Josh: Northwestern

They both stink, but I think Northwestern stinks a little less…

Ozzie: Nebraska

After a less than ideal performance last week at home, Huskers bounce back and prove they’re a good team.

Mike: Nebraska

Washington @ Stanford

Josh: Washington

Because the Huskies are much better…

Ozzie: Washington

I thought this would be a big matchup before season started with Pac-12 title implications, but nonetheless Huskies beat a struggling Stanford team.

Mike: Washington

College Football Pick’Em: Week 5

Week 4-

Ozzie: 8-2

Josh: 6-4

Mike: 4-6

Overall Records:

Josh: 27-14

Ozzie: 23-18

Mike: 21-20

-Week 5-

Another potentially boring slate of games, but some times these are the weeks with the most upsets and high pressure finishes.

Arizona State @ Cal

Josh: Cal

Cal has had an impressive start to the season with one of the better defenses that nobody is talking about. They win comfortably.

Ozzie: Arizona State

Sun Devils get a big win on the road to start off Pac-12 play.

Mike: Cal

Texas Tech @ Oklahoma (-27)

Josh: Texas Tech (cover, but lose the game)

Texas Tech is not going to pull off the upset here, but -27 is a crazy spread. Tech always plays OU tough, that will continue. OU scores late to make it look worse than it will actually be. 49-28.

Ozzie: Oklahoma

Tech is struggling bad right now, I think OU offense has a field day. Only chance to cover is if Tech can score in bunches also.

Mike: Texas Tech (cover, but lose the game)

Kansas @ TCU

Josh: TCU

I can’t really figure either one of these teams out. TCU blows out Purdue, then loses to SMU… Kansas loses to a team no one has heard of, then blows out Boston College and plays WVU tough. I’ll take TCU, even though Gary Paterson magic seems to be running low.

Ozzie: TCU

TCU doesn’t lose back to back games at home, opens up Big 12 play with a weird Jayhawk team.

Mike: TCU

Virginia @ Notre Dame

Josh: Virginia

I think Georgia is a bit overrated, so playing them tough isn’t much of a moral victory in my opinion. I think Virginia will be hyped for the opportunity here and shock some people.

Ozzie: Notre Dame

Notre Dame looked surprisingly better than I expected, they bounce back at home and get a win.

Mike: Notre Dame

USC @ Washington

Josh: USC

I feel like I’m constantly wrong about USC… My first thought here was to go against them, so I’m fading myself here and picking USC.

Ozzie: Washington

Losing to Cal was a tough blow for Jacob Eason and the Huskies for CFP hopes, but I believe they bounce back big time with a good victory against USC.

Mike: Washington

Iowa State @ Baylor

Josh: Iowa State

You can’t only beat Rice by 8 then expect my respect. Baylor stinks!

Ozzie: Iowa State

Brock Purdy had a big day last week, I believe in a good battle of who want to be the 4th best QB in Big 12 him and ISU prevails.

Mike: Iowa State

Mississippi State @ Auburn

Josh: Auburn

This could be a sneaky upset game in my opinion. I know Auburn has some good wins, but I still think Bo Nix stinks. Having said that, its at home so I think they win a close one.

Ozzie: Auburn

Kylin Hill may have a tough day getting things going on the ground, Auburn’s front 4 is one of best in country. Battle of Freshman QB’s, give me Bo Nix.

Mike: Auburn

Kansas State @ Oklahoma State

Josh: Oklahoma State

Spencer Sanders showed me some things in Austin. I think the Cowboys take a close game against a scrappy KSU team.

Ozzie: Oklahoma State

Sanders, Hubbard and Wallace all bounce back from a tough loss in Austin. Sanders is dynamic, I believe OSU wins by double digits.

Mike: Oklahoma State

Washington State @ Utah

Josh: Washington State

If I know Mike Leach teams, they’re either going rebound from that disappointing loss to UCLA and score 60 against Utah, or they’re going to fall flat on their faces and throw their season away. I’ll take the former.

Ozzie: Washington State

Dynamic Offense vs Stout Defense. What more could you want for West Coast Pac-12 football? Give me Washington State in a high scoring affair.

Mike: Utah

UCLA @ Arizona

Josh: Arizona

As a Texas Tech fan, I am required to think Arizona is really good for the rest of the season.

Ozzie: Arizona

I mean somebody has to win, right?! I just think Arizona is not as bad as UCLA. Both aren’t very good, Zona just a bit better lol.

Mike: UCLA

College Football Pick’Em: Week 4

Week 3-

Josh: 7-5

Mike: 6-6

Ozzie: 6-6

Overall Records:

Josh: 21-10

Mike: 17-14

Ozzie: 15-16

-Week 4-

This is by far the most exciting slate of games so far this season. At least three games have playoff implications, so lets get right to it.

Utah @ USC

Josh: Utah

USC got exposed last week, Utah is just better.

Mike: USC

Ozzie: Utah

Utah takes advantage of a sketchy USC defense. Utes win on the road.

Michigan @ Wisconsin

Josh: Michigan

This one could go either way. I’ll stick with my preseason pick here.

Mike: Michigan

Ozzie: Wisconsin

Wisconsin has a lot they want to prove. Johnathan Taylor has a HUGE day, Badgers by double digits.


Auburn @ Texas A&M

Josh: Texas A&M

I don’t understand why people think Bo Nix is good….

Mike: Texas A&M

Ozzie: Auburn

I don’t think Kellen Mond is the guy at QB for Aggies. Gets outplayed again and Bo Nix has great day for Tigers.


UCF @ Pitt

Josh: UCF

UCF wants a shootout, Pitt can’t keep up for 4 quarters.

Mike: UCF

Ozzie: UCF

UCF offense is really explosive. I like freshman QB Gabriel and think they want to continue making statements.

Washington @ BYU

Josh: Washington

Good for BYU playing so many tough games early in the season. I think Washington’s talent is too much here though.

Mike: BYU

Ozzie: Washington

BYU is looking to make another statement, but I think Washington is too good.

Kentucky @ Mississippi State

Josh: Mississippi State

I don’t have a great feel for this one… Could go either way.

Mike: Kentucky

Ozzie: Mississippi State

I’m rolling with the Dawgs, I think they want to bounce back and make some noise again. What better way than against a Kentucky team who lost a tough one at home against Florida.

South Carolina @ Missouri

Josh: Missouri

Kelly Bryant will play well enough as he continues to get comfortable in this offense.

Mike: South Carolina

Ozzie: Missouri

I believe that Missouri offense is too good, South Carolina looks okay but not quite good enough.

Oregon @ Stanford

Josh: Oregon

Oregon has looked great since their week 1 slip up. I still think they’re on their way to playing important postseason football.

Mike: Oregon

Ozzie: Oregon

Ducks are still bouncing back from a tough Week 1 loss to Auburn. I think Stanford is just completely off the rails.

Oklahoma State @ Texas

Josh: Texas

Its been too long sine UT has won this game. This is a must win for the Horns

Mike: Texas

Ozzie: Texas

Will be an old fashioned shootout, Texas just scores more than enough. Defense will have to come up big all night long.

Notre Dame @ Georgia

Josh: Georgia

I’ll be rooting for ND, but I dint think they can get the W here.

Mike: Georgia

Ozzie: Georgia

I don’t think ND is that good, Georgia is about to EXPOSEEEE them. Dawgs easily.

College Football Pick’Em: Week 3

No video this week. Taking a break from the videos to figure out a better way to put these out. Likely will just be audio only podcasts to go along with the blogs (at least for the pick’s blogs, could still use the youtube channel occasionally). Until we get that worked out, we’ll just do it old school and blog it…

Week 2-

Josh: 6-2

Mike: 4-4

Ozzie: 3-5

Overall Records:

Josh: 14-5

Mike: 11-8

Ozzie: 9-10

-Week 3-

This week provides the highest number of intriguing games so far this season, but it lacks any major marquee matchup. There are number couple of Big12 teams that will be tested for the first time. Tech facing Arizona on the road, ISU looking to finally beat their rival Iowa for the first time under Coach Campbell, KSU looking to avenge the beatdown they took from Miss State last season, and TCU making the long trip to Purdue. We threw a few more in there for fun, including a couple potential blowouts that we pick against the spread…

Kansas State @ Mississippi State

Josh: Mississippi State

“KSU is improving, just not there yet.”

Ozzie: Mississippi State

“MSU offense is very efficient right now, Kylin Hill leads the way again.”

Mike: Mississippi State

Stanford @ UCF

Josh: UCF

UCF always plays up for these games, and I haven’t liked what I have seen from Stanford so far.”

Ozzie: UCF

“Stanford loses back to back games; UCF offense is very explosive.”

Mike: Stanford


Josh: USC

“BYU has looked decent against (supposed to be) tough competition through two weeks (Utah, Tennessee). They’ll be pleased do go 1-2 during this stretch.”

Ozzie: USC

“USC wins back to back games with backup QB Kedon Slovis (SLOVIS MANIAAAA)”

Mike: USC

Arizona State @ Michigan State

Josh: Michigan State

“MSU has a top 10 defense in the country, this could get ugly.”

Ozzie: Michigan State

“MSU ground game can control the clock, ASU faces 1st big matchup in early season. Not quite ready.”

Mike: Michigan State

Iowa @ Iowa State

Josh: Iowa

“The Iowa State hype got out of control this summer, Hawkeyes win comfortably”

Ozzie: Iowa State

“Ames will be rocking, big time in-state rivalry. ISU makes a big statement and beats one of Big 10’s best.”

Mike: Iowa

Florida @ Kentucky

Josh: Florida

“Felipe Franks is not good, but he won’t need to be this week.”

Ozzie: Florida

“Mainly due to UK losing starting QB. Florida wins a tough road game.”

Mike: Florida

Clemson @ Syracuse

Josh: Clemson

Much like Iowa State, the Syracuse hype got ridiculous… Clemson wins by as much as they want.”

Ozzie: Clemson

“Syracuse very underwhelming performance last weekend, Clemson puts up a ton in this game.”

Mike: Clemson

Florida State @ Virginia

Josh: Virginia

“If you don’t know who Bryce Perkins is, you will soon. UVA wins by 2 TDs.”

Ozzie: Virginia

“FSU barely squeaked by last week, they’re not quite good enough yet.”

Mike: Virginia

TCU @ Purdue

Josh: TCU

“Still a lot to learn about both teams… I’ll take TCU by a field goal.”

Ozzie: Purdue

“I think Purdue and Rondale Moore make a statement. TCU first real test of year, offense is huge question mark.”

Mike: Purdue

OU @ UCLA (+23.5)

Josh: UCLA

“OU wins the game, but UCLA scores late for the back door cover.”

Ozzie: OU

“OU will run away with this one. UCLA is still not quite good enough yet, Jalen Hurts continues rampage against JV defenses…”

Mike: OU

Texas @ Rice (+31.5)

Josh: Texas

“That’s a big spread, even for Rice. But I think that UT Defense wants to make a statement against an inferior opponent.”

Ozzie: Texas

“I think the UT offense is good enough to cover this spread, will defense bounce back against a completely different style of offense?? Rice will try to manage clock and slow game down, UT has to score quickly and in bunches to cover…which they will.”

Mike: Texas

Texas Tech @ Arizona

Josh: Texas Tech

“The first real test of the Matt Wells era. Is this defense real? Can Bowman and co. continue to run an efficient offense? I think so. 45-28 Tech!”

Ozzie: Texas Tech

“I think Matt Wells first road test of the year and he goes to Zona and beats the Fightin’ Kevin Sumlins”

Mike: Texas Tech


College Football Pick’Em: Week 2

Week 1

Josh: 8-3

Mike: 7-4

Ozzie: 6-5

-Week 2-

Week 1 was dumpster fire for picking games. Just one interesting game on the entire slate, and the better team lost that one… Week 2 is slightly better with 2 really good match ups, but I’m anxious to get further into the season when we can get the FCS teams off the schedules.



West Virginia @ Missouri

Josh: Missouri

Mike: West Virginia

Ozzie: Missouri

Nebraska @ Colorado

Josh: Colorado

Mike: Nebraska

Ozzie: Nebraska

Arkansas @ Ole Miss

Josh: Ole Miss

Mike: Ole Miss

Ozzie: Arkansas

Miami @ UNC

Josh: Miami

Mike: UNC

Ozzie: Miami

Stanford @ USC

Josh: Stanford

Mike: USC

Ozzie: Stanford

UTEP @ Texas Tech (-34.5)

Josh: Texas Tech

Mike: UTEP

Ozzie: Texas Tech

Texas A&M @ Clemson

Josh: Clemson

Mike: Clemson

Ozzie: Clemson

LSU @ Texas

Josh: LSU

Mike: Texas

Ozzie: Texas


College Football Pick’Em: Week 1

-Week 1-

Week 0 came so quickly that we weren’t able to get picks in… Week 1’s slate of games isn’t quite as exciting as it has been in past years. But we’re excited to talk football and make some picks nonetheless.

*For explanation of picks, watch the video at the bottom of the page*


Utah at BYU- 

Josh: Utah

Mike: Utah

Ozzie: Utah


Wisconsin at South Florida-

Josh: Wisconsin

Mike: South Florida

Ozzie: Wisconsin


Ole Miss at Memphis-

Josh: Memphis

Mike: Ole Miss

Ozzie: Ole Miss


South Carolina Vs North Carolina-

Josh: South Carolina

Mike: North Carolina

Ozzie: South Carolina


Northwestern at Stanford

Josh: Stanford

Mike: Stanford:

Ozzie: Stanford


Boise State Vs Florida State-

Josh: Boise State

Mike: Florida State

Ozzie: Florida State


Virginia at Pitt-

Josh: Pitt

Mike: Pitt

Ozzie: Pitt


Houston at Oklahoma-

Josh: OU

Mike: OU

Ozzie: OU


Louisiana Tech at Texas-

Josh: Texas

Mike: Texas

Ozzie: Texas


Montana State at Texas Tech-

Josh: Texas Tech

Mike: Texas Tech

Ozzie: Texas Tech


Oregon Vs Auburn (Cowboy Stadium)-

Josh: Oregon

Mike: Auburn

Ozzie: Oregon




2019 College Football Preview/Predictions

*everything in this blog can be seen in Part 2 of our College Football Preview video, which will be posted at the end*

College Football is finally back and I’m excited for what is probably the best part of being a CFB fan… That’s trying to guess what happens and bragging about the 1 or 2 things I might get right. My prediction blog last year was my first real blog, and if Im going to be judged off of that then I won’t be doing this very much longer… I had only 1 correct playoff team, and my obsession with Penn State came back to bite me once again. So I have regrouped, and I know for a fact that my 2019 Playoff predictions will be 100% correct… So here they are.

1. Clemson vs 4. Oregon

Starting off with a surprise… I think Oregon will be the best team in a pretty weak Pac12. I love Justin Herbert as a potential Heisman candidate, and Oregon once again has the weapons to be really explosive offensively. Oregon might not be the 4th best team in the country, but I think the circumstances around the country, namely a 2 loss Big12 Champ, will allow for Oregon to sneak into the Playoffs as the 4 seed. I don’t think I need to say much about the defending Champion Clemson Tigers. They’ll ride into this game at 13-0 and the heavy CFP favorites.

2. Michigan vs 3. LSU

A double surprise here! I think this is finally the year for Michigan to get over the hump and beat Ohio State. I think they very well could be undefeated going into the playoffs. Shea Patterson is a stud, and I think Michigan has a top 3 defense in the country. For LSU, I see a lot of similarities to Michigan. At some point Alabama isn’t going to make the playoffs, I think this is the year LSU can put it together with some good QB play (finally) out of Joe Burrows, and a defense that I think will be better than Alabama’s.

National Championship-

1. Clemson vs 3. LSU

Clemson rolls over an overmatched Oregon team, and LSU beats Michigan in a close, low scoring game. In a matchup of just ridiculous athletes and extremely talented defenses, I think the difference comes down to QB play and offensive efficiency. With the best QB in the country (and my Heisman pick) in Trevor Lawrence, I think Clemson rolls to their 2nd consecutive Title and third in the last four years. Which will put them in the conversation as one of the best teams we have ever seen in college football!